Countrywide & Narcissism: A Love Story of Mozilo & Mozilo

Y’all, a douchenozzle named  Angelo Mozilo, who was CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp when it created a big chunk of the mortgage crisis that exposed the rot in the world’s economy, is completely BAFFLED as to why he got in trouble for it.  Even though the federal regulators, the biggest bunch of rich-pandering weenies on the planet, managed to find enough dirty shenanigans that Countrywide (helmed by Mozilo) was hit with $55 billion in fines. In fact, things were so dirty the new owner of Countrywide — the even skankier Bank of America Corp bought it in 2008 —  has to pay ANOTHER $16 billion “to end probes into mortgage-bond sales on top of about that came before”.

Nevertheless, Mozilo doesn’t see what the big problem is. “You’ll have to ask those people, ‘What do you have against Mozilo, what did he do?’” he said in a 30-minute call with Bloomberg News before Labor Day, one of his few interviews since the firm’s downfall. “Countrywide didn’t change. I didn’t change. The world changed.” …  Mozilo doesn’t understand why he and his firm, blamed by lawmakers and authorities for lax underwriting and predatory lending, have been seen as villains … “No, no, no, we didn’t do anything wrong,” he said, adding that a real estate collapse was the root of the crisis. “Countrywide or Mozilo didn’t cause any of that.” … Mozilo, who lives in a 12,692-square-foot house in Santa Barbara, California, defended the size of a lender that did $408 billion of originations in 2007 and had a $1.5 trillion servicing portfolio. “What’s wrong with that?” he said. “Should Amazon be condemned for being the biggest in their space?” … “Go back and you’ll see that Countrywide was one of the most admired companies in the country,” he said. Mozilo added that he has “no idea” why the government is going after him again. “It’s unfortunate, but I try to make the best of it.”

This rancid pustule of elitist privilege — who raked in $500 million from 1999 to 2008 by the way – sees no problem with the fact that Countrywide “urged workers to churn out loans, accepted fudged applications and tried to hide ballooning defaults” in order to keep rich investors getting richer.

This guy is one of the most cogent arguments for public whippings. His inability to see anything other than his own benefits, his referral of himself in the third person as though he were an emperor as opposed to some shady pissant, his refusal to acknowledge even the most blatant wrong-doing, all point to a raging case of narcissism. I loathe narcissist. Mozilo reminds me of why I abhor them so vehemently.

I wish there was some way to communicate to this shitstain how truly putrid he is. Sadly, his egotistical denial is impenetrable. I wonder if my foot would find his ass similarly impregnable?

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Happy Labor Day!

I know that a lot of people – including moms! – still have to work, I hope everyone here in the USA is having a good Labor Day. For my peeps overseas, I hope you are having a nice regular day Smile 

However, being the progressive liberal that I am, I cannot help but offer up a reminder that, like Memorial Day, this holiday marks something for which people died.

“It all started with a bad recession in the early 1890s that reduced demand for railway cars, prompting Chicago railway magnate George Pullman to lay off workers and reduce wages. Many of his workers went on strike. The sympathetic American Railway Union refused to handle Pullman cars, hampering commerce in many parts of the country. “The boycott tapped the deep and pervasive alienation of labor in general,” historian David Ray Papke wrote in his 1999 book The Pullman Case: The Clash of Labor and Capital in Industrial America … In July, President Grover Cleveland sent federal troops to Chicago to crush the strike. Illinois Gov. John Altgeld (D) resented the president’s decision, as there had not yet been any large-scale rioting. “I protest against this uncalled for reflection upon our people, and again ask the immediate withdrawal of these troops,” Altgeld wrote to the president. Within a day of the troops’ arrival, mobs started tipping railroad cars and setting them on fire. Troops cracked down with bayonets and bullets; the rioting and property destruction worsened. Dozens of people ultimately died in Chicago and elsewhere. The government restored order by the fall, and American Railway Union leader Eugene Debs was eventually convicted of defying a court order and sent to prison.”

Although President Grover Cleveland and his party tried to make amends (win back their votes) pro-labor forces by creating Labor Day less than a week after breaking the strike, it was a little to much like using lube AFTER the buttsecs. The Average Joe did not forget Cleveland’s shenanigans.  The decision by the right-wing President to send in troops to crush the Pullman union is  why the left-wingers spanked the Democrats in the midterm elections. (To clarify, in those days the Republicans were the lefties and the Democrats were the righties.) It’s also why William McKinley won the next presidential election in a cakewalk.

The unions remained strong until the 1980s when Ronald Wilson Regan lead the charge by capital to undermine them. Ever since, the standard of living has sunk like a rock for all Americans. That’s happened because unions are what keep all workers, union and unionized, from being exploited.

Y’all, please take a moment to think of the union workers who died because they had the audacity to want to feed their families. Who were set upon by military and thugs when their President  betrayed them in order to make sure the Robber Barons stayed fokking filthy King Midas rich. Moreover, think of the union workers today who are still fighting to bring some form of relief to the struggling American middle-class.

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My Poly-Alphabetic Friendship

I have the oddest conversations with my friends. Here’s one I had today with my friend Sorcha, who will be visiting me this weekend:

Me: I told the chiropractor I was looking forward to a Scrabble marathon. He asked if I played Words With Friends and I told him, no – I only wanted to get my ass kicked by you.

Sorcha: I have to confess that I play Scrabble and Words With Friends a lot behind your back.

Me: Yes, but I never expected word game monogamy from you.

Sorcha: I am a Words With Friends whore!

Me: I guess this makes us polyamorous game players? Well, YOU are at least. I keep my Scrabble in my pants like the delicate flower that I am.

Sorcha: Should I call myself a Words With Friends whore, or a Scrabble Slut?

Me: Actually we should call you a ploy-alphabetic player. You play with anyone but I am you favorite and we are in a committed (albeit non-monogamous) Scrabble relationship.

Sorcha: I wonder if that’s how polyamorous relationships work? You don’t feel threatened because you are the favorite …

Me: I couldn’t handle it if Sweet Babou wanted to see other people. I am so territorial that I pee on his shoes to mark my spot.

Sorcha: So monogamy requires golden showers?

Me: How did we get on this topic again?

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Angelina Got Married

You know what? I don’t want to think about serious and/or depressing things today. I’ll do that tomorrow. Thus, Imma blog about the fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plighted their troth.

Seriously, they went and got hitched.

Here’s some of the things Gawker wrote about the wedding:

It was held at le Château Miraval, an estate owned by Pitt and Jolie, Pitt and Jolie got their marriage license in California, home to the legendary “Hollywood” sign, from the same judge who later conducted their civil ceremony in France, According to a spokesman, the couple’s eldest sons, Maddox, 13, and Pax, 10, walked Jolie down the aisle. Shiloh, 8, and son Knox, 6, carried the rings. Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 6, threw flower petals.

I, for one, wish them well. Yes, I know Angelina “stole” Brad totally against his will from his ideal marriage to Jennifer Anniston, I think their humanitarian work and charitable giving has paid off any karmic debts thus accrued. Nor did they do any of the blame-the-wife-for-the-affair bullshit that I detest.  Moreover, it looks like the relationship between Brand and Angelina didn’t really get going until after his separation. From the very pro-Anniston Vanity Fair interview: 

When the Pitts split up, Brad insisted he hadn’t slept with Jolie, and Aniston accepted his denial. “She wasn’t naïve,” says Kristin Hahn, an executive at the Pitts’ production company, Plan B. “She’s not suggesting she didn’t know there was an enchantment, and a friendship. But Brad was saying, ‘This is not about another woman.'” The moment he and Aniston separated, however, he re-emerged in what looked like a full-blown affair with Jolie. Struggling to accept a separation she never wanted, Aniston found that the “facts” she had been told kept shifting like quicksand beneath her feet. When I ask about that gracious, no-one-is-to-blame announcement of their separation, she takes a deep breath. “What we said was true—”As I raise my eyebrows, she pauses for a moment, and then adds carefully, “—as far as I knew. We wrote it together, very consciously, and felt very good about it. We exited this relationship as beautifully as we entered it.”

The thing is, it wasn’t “the instant”. The split was in Jan. 7th of 2005 and it wasn’t until “April 29, when photographs broke of Brad and Angelina frolicking on the beach with Maddox at a romantic resort in Africa” that Jolie and Pitt were known to be a couple. He was relentlessly stalked by media; I’d think the info would have broken before then. Yes, it was only a few months and Yes, it hurt Anniston’s feelings but doesn’t divorce kinda mean it’s okay to date other people?  

Anyway, best wishes for the happy couple!

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Yesterday I sent out my query letter about my latest nonfiction to a handful of agents. Last night one of them emailed me back asking to see a book proposal. I have sent it to her with fingers crossed. Now I am full of pins and needles hopeful angsty angst.

The writing & rewriting of said proposal (with additional fretting) has destroyed my ability to blog anything interesting. Sorry ‘bout that. 

In other news I read a book called Filthy Shakespeare and I dug it to China. Did y’all know “slippery” meant bisexual as well as something that was hard to grasp? THAT puts a whole new spin on Leontes’s rant about his “slippery” wife in The Winter’s Tale! Or how about acclaimed Roman bisexual Julius Caesar bemoaning his “slippery” credit ?


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I can almost touch it

One of the many, MANY quirks of my personality is that when I am very close to finishing a project I become frantic to complete it. During the last 5% or so of the task I am obsessed with getting it all done. It doesn’t matter if I am painting a room, cross-stitching a sampler, or writing a book – when the end is nigh I yearn for it.

Yes, I’m weird. Y’all KNEW that.

I am on the last part of the last chapter of my newest book. Granted, it’s the rough draft (and thus by definition shit) but I am nonetheless filled with hosannas about its near completion. I am fixated upon it. That’s why I have not made my usual round of appearances on social media. It’s why this blog post is weak-sauce.

Don’t judge me.

I will, with any luck, be kicking it back into normal gear on Monday. I am SO CLOSE to being done with this book.  I just need a good way to sum it all up in a pithy comment or two. If my blog is crap again on Monday, you’ll know the pith continues to elude me. You could even say it has pithed me off.

I have no shame.

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Keep Them Safe, Dammit

Children from Central America, who have legally entered the USA to request asylum (AKA refugees), are being rapidly deported and some of them have already been murdered.

“Between five and ten migrant children have been killed since February after the United States deported them back to Honduras, a morgue director told the Los Angeles Times. Lawmakers have yet to come up with best practices to deal with the waves of unaccompanied children apprehended by Border Patrol agents, but some politicians refute claims that children are fleeing violence and are opting instead to fund legislation that would fast-track their deportations. San Pedro Sula (Honduras) morgue director Hector Hernandez told the Los Angeles Times that his morgue has taken in 42 dead children since February. According to an interview with relatives by the LA Times, one teenager was shot dead hours after getting deported.”

The reason we are deporting them? They are brown. No matter how much tap-dancing is going on to justify this horseshit that is the root cause.

What make me want to rip out my hair is that the reason that Central America is such a fokking hellhole right now is because the West has meddled with the entire region. It is a  fact that America (under FDR, whom I otherwise admire) created and maintained the Somoza dictatorship, which was overthrown by Sandinistas 1979, which made some Americans afraid because of the socialist nature of the Sandinistas (they wanted literacy and equal right for women oh noes), which caused the Regan administration to throw billions of your tax dollars away on the Contras and create the School of the Americas to train terrorists, but Contra terrorist atrocities and drug running and human trafficking made them all kinds of despised in the US and in the countries they operated, so for the Regan administration and its political allies to keep funding the bastards they sold illegal arms to Iran and funneled the money to the Contra terrorists (The Iran-Contra Affair),  but the Contras were too busy raping nuns and killing children to bring about government change so Nicaragua has returned to the control of the Sandinistas.  Which means we could have burned the money and murdered people directly for all the damn good it did. Moreover, thanks to our hosting the Contras in the surrounding countries, the whole area is awash in drugs and gangs – the leftovers of the Contras.  

Now, we send kids back to that mess to die. Like we had nothing to do with it. Our country (under BOTH Democratic and Republican Presidents so NO ONE is on the moral high ground here) did that shit and even if we hadn’t those kids are innocent human beings and it is wrong to send them back to a place where they have such a high risk of being murdered.

See this little girl?

refugee child

If the US deports her there are strong odds she will be raped and forced into prostitution by a gang or she get murdered or both. She is a human being. She is no older than Lilo, who is in forth grade and loves My Little Ponies and The Lego Movie. I would crawl across razors and swim through a pool of alcohol and then be buried alive to prevent something like that from happening to my daughters.


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