Would it kill ya to check first??

The Tea Baggers fell for this joke article. They bought it hook, line, and sinker that the government was getting ready to implement martial law with some pretty zany ‘plans’ by the evil Obama Administration.

I have no beef with the Tea Baggers complaining about things they don’t like. I support the Bill of Rights. Let them assemble and protest and holler. Good on ‘em for participating in government. I’ll just yell back because I disagree. Yay! Democracy! But I do have a problem with their lack of real information. Like the real level of taxes.

They are griping about taxes when tax rates are at the lowest rate they have been in 60 years. If the Bush tax cut is repealed then taxes will go back up to Clinton levels. Which is still way lower than they were during Eisenhower’s administration.

I hate to break it to them, but taxes pay for things like schools and roads and cops and firemen and parks and the military and a whole bunch of other stuff. I use this stuff. I pay taxes. Ain’t no free lunch. The things I want changed are things like the fact that the super-wealthy and corporations get tax loopholes.

I know why many of the Tea Baggers are scared. They know something is wrong. They can feel that the middle-class is in grave danger. They are right that there is something scary going on with the economics in this country. We are indeed in deep shit. But they don’t bother to find out what, exactly, is the underlying problem.

It’s not your tax rate guys. It’s the offshore accounts created by corporations who send your jobs overseas so they can work work 14 year olds 20 hours and day for 5 cents. (Not quite that bad but close enough) Let’s all give the Clinton a big round of applause for NAFTA shall we?? Absolutely nothing is done to protect Americans from these shenanigans. The Tea Baggers are complaining about immigrants coming into the US and taking jobs that ensure we get our vegetables for lower costs … they should be a lot more worried about the jobs leaving the US.

So, Tea Baggers need to quit falling for joke articles and Fokking do something to scare the politicians into protecting the middle class based on real information and these strange things called “facts”.

Enough rant. I have to get the girls ready for YMCA day camp. And plot how to protect their futures.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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3 Responses to Would it kill ya to check first??

  1. I blame both sides and the unofficial “two-party system” in it’s entirety. I’m more libertarian than anything, so I thing they’re all wrong. Here’s the thing on the bitching . . . there are a good deal of folks (mostly politicians and people with political agendas or just sheeple hanging on their every word) who have the idiocy to want things that benefit them removed/changed just so they can blame the party in power later when they’re miserable.

  2. The frightening thing (well, one of them, there are lots) is that the radical Right–which gets more radical by the day–spouts a lot of hate-inducing rhetoric, most of which I’m pretty sure they know isn’t true, and LOTS OF PEOPLE BELIEVE IT. So now we have a country divided by fear and anger, and Not a Fokking Thing getting done to fix it, because the folks in charge–for the most part–are trying to win, instead of trying to fix things. *runs off weeping*

  3. Betty Fokker says:

    Power must be addictive because people will sell their country down the river to get it. Short-sighted doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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