He’s helping others get away with child-sex trafficking

Let’s discuss that billionaire douche-face child-rapist, Jeffrey Epstein for a moment shall we?  He’s someone who likes to have sex with venerable underage girls, including 12 year old girls who are trafficked into the US under the guise that they will become models. His partner in crime was Jean Luc Brunel, owner and ‘talent scout’ of the MC2 “modeling agency”. Epstein coincidently invested a million bucks in the MC2 kiddie-porn ring modeling agency and let Brunel use his privet jet.

The FBI thinks Epstein has assaulted/molested about 40 or so young girls. So he’s going to prison for the rest of his life right?


When faced with the best defense lawyers money could buy, the prosecutors wimped out and made a plea bargain so light it boggles the mind. This kid-raping bastard only had to please guilty to two MINOR charges and gets a private cell, a cell he gets to leave on a “work release program” by the way.

Now, I am not blaming his defense attorneys. They were doing their job and, under our constitution, a festering anus like Epstein has the right to the best attorneys he can afford.

I am livid with the prosecuting attorneys. It was their job to do everything in their power to bring this vomit-inducing shit-sack to justice. Instead, they decided to gutlessly pander to his wealth, privilege, and powerful defense team. They rolled over and did everything but send in another kid to give this fucker a hand-job. So this vermin got away with raping 12 year old girls because the prosecuting attorneys couldn’t find a single testicle/ovary to share among them. 

And do you know what their chicken-shit kowtowing to Epstein has wrought? It’s opened the door for other child-sex traffickers to get lighter sentences for their crimes too. Why should they have to pay when he didn’t? After all, it was just girls they were trafficking for sex with disgusting older males (I refuse to call something like Epstein a “man”; it insults men) … they weren’t harming anything of any value in our culture!

I’m a feminist because I think girls & women have value. What a crying, fucking shame there wasn’t one feminist in the prosecutors office to go after this monster and punish him. What a pity other hell-spawn might get away with trafficking girls for sex more easily because of the shit-for-brains attorneys who let Epstein get away with his crimes.

My eyeballs are melting with rage.

Never mind. They aren’t melting. It’s just tears of helpless and despairing rage against an unjust legal system and the cultural devaluation of women and girls.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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18 Responses to He’s helping others get away with child-sex trafficking

  1. Becky says:

    The really horrifying thing is that this isn’t all that unusual. The scale and publicity may make the whole thing more painful, but sex offenders are pled down to more minor charges like endagerment all the time. I used to do data entry for a company that does background checks for apartment complexes. I spent all day, every day, “correcting” files to remove felony charges when the criminal made a deal. It was sickening.

  2. SuzRocks says:

    Makes me sick. There are so many women/girls being trafficked around the world and it seems like either A) people aren’t paying attention or B) they don’t really care.

    Have you ever read Nicholas Kristoff’s book “Half the Sky?” he talks about more than just trafficking, but about all other sorts of women’s issues around the world and the lack of equality in healthcare, etc… It’s good- I think you’d like it.

  3. Betty Noir says:

    I’m in the middle of “Half the Sky” now, so this post is incredibly timely for me. And horrifying. I could scarcely believe the part of the book where one of the authors was talking to an official on the border between India and Nepal (I think). The official had been placed there after 9/11 to police terrorist activity/supplies and pirated DVDs, but shrugged off the trafficking of women. Basically he said that the girls being trafficked were poor farm girls, so they didn’t matter. So long as the middle class Indian girls were safe, he had no problem with it.

    I thought my head might explode.

  4. Betty Fokker says:

    Guys, I’m gonna have to blog something light & fluffy tomorrow or I might go berserk. What do you do when you are a teeny-tiny little voice and can’t change diddly or squat?

    Right, tomorrow something funny so I can escape my own head.

    Zeus on Toast, this is depressing.

    • lunarmom says:

      Your voice is not teeny tiny, your voice is out there now. Even if it changes one person’s life or perception, you have made a difference.

      • Cat says:

        Julie is right. I hadn’t heard this story until I came here. The next thing I did was post an article from The Huffington Post – it has a video of this dirt bag’s disposition – onto my Facebook for all my friends to see. I included my own commentary, too.

        Great things happen, real change happens, when folks like you care enough to say or do something. There’s nothing teeny tiny about you – you’re Fokker!

    • Betty Fokker says:

      I just wish I could open a can of Gandhi on his ass ..

  5. Sofie says:

    I’m going to share a story. Pull your chairs closer. The Kid has been in Music Camp since last Saturday. All campers are required to take part in choir and they hate it. The first lesson the choir director teaches is how to sing as a group. You can’t just sing at the top of your lungs. You can’t sing like you’re singing alone. You need to make your voice blend with all the other voices and all the other parts. It takes several days for everyone to learn that. But they do. This afternoon the choir will close the final concert and they will sound incredible. All of those small, reluctant voices will make a huge, glorious sound which is way more than the sum of those voices. And that’s what you can do with your teeny, tiny voice. You join the chorus of all the other voices that say, “This is wrong.” Not ranting, not screaming, because no one wants to listen to that for long although it sure feels good in the moment. You add your voice to those who push for tougher laws and tougher punishments. You speak for women and children who can’t speak for themselves. You say, “This is wrong,” over and over and over. And all of those voices saying the same thing make their own glorious sound and that changes things. No, not nearly as quickly or as well as we’d like, but it happens.
    End of story, as you were.

  6. marly says:

    Beautifully said, Sofie.

    And Betty Fokker: Thank you. You did a very good thing bringing this to the forefront.

  7. Betty Fokker says:

    Thanks guys! I’m still going to blog something lighter, for my own mental health.

    And I’ll keep a Gregorian Chant of “wrong, wrong, wrong” about this stuff with everyone else who is appalled by this and hopefully the noise will swell.

  8. I’ve been hearing this guy’s name on the news but had no idea what his crime was exactly. Such a light plea bargain is a sign of a corrupt system, in my opinion. And like you say, a system that devalues women and children.

  9. Delia says:

    I hate to add another turd to this shitpile, but the one we should be blaming the most is the judge. No matter what kind of deal prosecutors and defense attorneys strike, it means diddley squat if a judge doesn’t approve it. So, really, there’s your target. Put pressure on that damned judge (though, that’s not easy since federal judges are appointed for life and have to be impeached), then let the prosecuting attorneys that you’d like them to go in for a stricter sentence next time (there will be a next time, guys like this don’t reform). You know, in nice polite language so they don’t think women are crazy. Angry, perhaps, but not crazy. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to call or write your representatives. The power of impeachment lies in their hands. And it’s federal, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

    So, there’s the direction, let loose your righteous rage.

      • Clever Betty says:

        I would say let’s start a letter writing campaign to our representatives. But I live in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell territory. A career corrupt asshole who doesn’t care about anything but lining his pockets. I have wasted time writing him many letters in the past.

        I feel helpless in the face of this also, Fokker.

      • Betty Fokker says:

        Hey! My home state is KY! Whereabouts are you?

        And I also loathe Mitch McConnell as a vile and devious twerp who has said horrible things about his constituency!

        And we both feel helpless in the face of continued misogyny and injustice.

        I tell you, Clever Betty, we were destined to be friends :0)

  10. Clever Betty says:

    I live about an hour from Paducah, less than ten minutes from Kentucky Lake.

    You know the other thing that bugs me. The press pricks and cunts. Why am I hearing anything but this on the news? When it was O.J. Simpson, you couldn’t turn on the damn tv without hearing it. When it was Michael Jackson, same same. I should be hearing the names of everyone concerned everytime I turn on the damn television. (I don’t voluntarily watch television but the little lady I sit for has it on at full volume the whole 27 hours a week that I’m there. And at least 15 hours of that is the morning news shows.)


    • Betty Fokker says:

      Because in our culture, a black guy killing his white wife reinforces the racial tropes that allow us, as a culture, to continue to ignore racially-based structural problems in our society. No one says “look at what black guys do!” out loud, but the message is there. So the fact more black guys are in prison than in college isn’t a socio-cultural issue, it’s “them”.

      The devaluation of women, and victim blaming for sexual assault, are so ingrained in our culture that this story just isn’t “attention-getting” so reporters ignore it. More girls assaulted? Meh. For a rape story to catch the attention of reporters it has to reinforce another cultural trope as well. The majority of the victims of child molestation are girls; the majority of the stories focuses on male-male child victims because it is more interesting. And by interesting I mean females are expected to be sexual playthings and it links the popular myth that gay men are also pedophiles.

      It makes me so mad I could spit dragon fire.

  11. Clever Betty says:

    And it truly does make one feel helpless.

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