We wish you to Marry Christmas … she’s a nice girl

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays! Whatever! Hope it’s all good.

Christmas Even went wonderfully here. Our friends came over and we all feasted on Ham and Various Side Dishes, followed by gluttonous reveling in Dessert. My friend Alis made this chocolate lava bunt cake that was yummy. The crust on my pumpkin pies came out tough as hell yet again. Very stressful, the pie thing. Gifts were exchanged among the children, and all rejoiced. There was Bailey’s Irish Cream applied to hot caffeinated after-dinner beverages. Little girls ran about the room in colorful and floofy Christmas attire. Puns were made. All Very Good.

That evening, we went to church. The girls played happily in the nursery, so happily that they didn’t want to leave and come home in fact, while Sweet Babou and I were in the service. Usually the highlight of the service is, for me, when everyone lights candles (you know, when the flame is passed from person to person with those skinny white candles with paper tutus) and sings Silent Night in the darkened church. Very, very lovely. However, this year my favorite part was when my husband dropped his communion wafer into the chalice of wine when he was trying to dunk it, requiring a priest to fish it out for him. The tears streaming down his face were not from a moving religious experience, but from the hilarity of the priest’s shock and dismay. Greatness.

Then we drove home, detouring to look at Christmas lights, while soft fat snowflakes floated down around us. Seriously, it looked like a sappy movie set, it was that perfect.

Finally, we got the girls to bed. Whereupon the always welcome Santa Claus placed the toys and goodies he had brought on his sleigh under the tree. He also loaded their stockings down with a heap o’ candy. In return, he got to eat homemade chocolate chip cookies and drink milk, to which amaretto was added for ‘flavor’. I felt safe giving him alcohol because, although he is “driving”, I think the reindeer are the ones really in charge. Who ever heard of a drunk sleighing accident? Honestly.

This morning the girls gleefully discovered the presents and lo, there was much happiness. They lost their minds with the excitement of ripping the wrapping paper off. It didn’t really matter what was in each box, they still squealed that it was a great present. Lilo told me it was the Best. Christmas. Ever. Her heart is very pure. Stitch got a cheap-yet-working toy keyboard and is thrilled to the teeth. The baby flapped her arms and legs at the wonder and glory of tearing tissue paper. Now, I will fry bacon and make biscuits, eggs, and stewed apples for our brunch.

In all, a very good yuletide. Hope you all have as much fun!!

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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6 Responses to We wish you to Marry Christmas … she’s a nice girl

  1. Clever Betty says:

    We had breakfast and then opened presents. Then everyone went outside and did snowball fights and made snow people. Now they’ve all gone and it’s nap time. I have to clean off my bed or chair first, though. My room has gotten slightly out of control. Oh well.

    Sounds like all the fokkers are mellow, warm and enjoying the day. Who could ask for more?

  2. sheri says:

    Merry Christmas, Fokkers!
    it was COLD here in Texas- high today was only 38, but it’ll be back to 70 by Wednesday so it’s all good :)
    we opened gifts- which were all perfect, I made a big breakfast of cheesy eggs, sausages, toast and sugar cookies- which was tasty, and then we spent the day sealing the floor in the new house.
    ho ho ho
    I’m now in my jammies with hot cocoa, and we’re fixin’ to grill out some ribeye steaks to have with the oven-fried taters and tossed salads I’ll make.
    not very traditional, but then, neither are we :)

  3. Merry Christmas! Sounds like fun with children.

  4. SueG/PatchworkBetty says:

    Much food, many gifts, best of all; lots of love and family.

    Glad the Fokkers had a great day. Merry Christmas or Happy whatever you celebrate.

  5. Sure Thing says:

    Beautiful. Now that’s a happy holiday. Hope the rest of the season goes as peacefully.

  6. lunarmom says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your joy.
    We all slept late then tonight sent the Deputy off to work with many kisses and a nice home-made lunch, then headed out with the grand-dogs and all three adult kids (plus bonus boyfriend) to look at lights and decorations. Some arguing, happy laughter, playful banter, and a wee bit of criticism out the steamy windows insued. Followed by a delightful late night dinner at a 24 hour cafe. The Deputy got to come by briefly, on his way from one call to another, and grab a few quick fries for the road. Tomorrow Seattle daughter heads north and I head back to the mall.

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