My 2 cents on Wikileaks

I like Wikileaks. I want my government told on, and often. I like to know what is really going on in the world, and I can no longer count on the “real” newspapers to do any digging. They parrot press releases and suck their thumbs, the gutless twits. And that doesn’t even count the ones that are blatantly disseminating propaganda.

I want to know what shady shite the governments of the world are doing, and I want to squall at the increasingly fascist bent of corporate domination. I cannot do much about it, but I can at least be indignit and blog about it. I want to know if my government supported Pfizer when it used Nigerian kids as lab rats and killed them. I want to know that Visa and MasterCard turned on Wikileaks because it ratted them out. I want to know that American taxes paid for DynCorp, which sold young boys as sex toys to Afghan warlords. This is information I want exposed. Journalism, can you SEE this stuff??

Even if you hate everything about Wikileaks and believe I am a douche for supporting it, ponder the following quote:

“Whatever you think of Wikileaks, they have not been charged with a crime, let alone indicted or convicted. Yet look what has happened to them. They have been removed from Internet … their funds have been frozen … media figures and politicians have called for their assassination and to be labeled a terrorist organization. What is really going on here is a war over control of the Internet, and whether or not the Internet can actually serve its ultimate purpose—which is to allow citizens to band together and democratize the checks on the world’s most powerful factions,” – Glenn Greenwald.

As for the rape accusation against Julian Assange, if he raped a woman I want his ass punished. As a blogger I admire, The Feminist Christian Socialist, pointed out, you can still support Wikileaks and feel that it’s founder should be punished harshly if he committed rape. And I am sick of my “team” supporting him just because he is telling tales on the big bad. For one thing, there is NO SUCH THING as “sex by surprise” in Sweden. So the “he’s only been charged because of a broken condom” excuse is as mythical as the Welfare Queen. What he’s being accused of his forcing a woman to have sex without her consent. That is rape. Now, he is innocent unless proven guilty, but oddly that hasn’t stopped people from unjustly and inaccurately attacking his accusers as evil “radical feminists” out to get him.

Hmmm, public assumption that the rapist is being lied about via the machinations of harlots. How very rare.

Don’t let support for Wikileaks turn one into a rape apologist, is my motto.

Herein ends the lesson.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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14 Responses to My 2 cents on Wikileaks

  1. Right! We aren’t so stupid that we can’t do two things at once, like believe in Wikileaks’ mission while wanting Assange held accountable.

  2. Fokker – you rock! Who knows what the truth is regarding the accusations, but it’s a different kettle of fish from the wikileaks. If he raped, then punish him. Everybody elses crap needs to be exposed as well, and we have the right to know what our government is up to.

  3. Wow, great blog. Gee I wonder why you sum it up so coherently and succinctly when most male bloggers can’t seem to do it in less than 2,000 words. Also thanks for the link to to the Feminist Christian Socialist. I’m adding you both to my blog roll. I love her point about Hitler being a vegetarian. I’m feeling really irritated (this is an understatement) with some of the men who blog on this topic, so I’m also going to start leaving comments linking to your blog – as an example of professional writing and analysis. As you can, tell I’m in a really bad mood today.

    I’m also concerned about the way the media frenzy around Assange has squeezed out other really important national and international news. It reminds me of the whole O.J. Simpson circus in a way. I recall it very distinctly because I was a single payer activist. The week of his arrest (1993) was the same week health care reform (after being headline news for a year) died a quiet death in Congress.

    So what is the corporate media trying to conceal by beating Assange’s sex life to death? Most of the information in the recent cables release is already widely available on the Internet. At the same time I find it surprising to find absolutely nothing about the “strategic” reasons the US is at war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nothing about the Pentagon agenda to foster the secession of oil and mineral rich Balochistan from Pakistan as a US client state – just like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other former Soviet republics. Nothing about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement. Nothing about the CIA training young Baloch separatists in bomb making and other terrorist activities to disrupt operations at the Chinese-built Gwadar Port (intended to transport Iranian oil and natural gas via Pakistan to China). I blog about this at

  4. Thank god, I thought I was perhaps insane for thinking that Wikileaks was actually an okay thing and not evil, terrorist-ish.

    Yes, Fokker, you present the case clearly and succinctly. As usual, my dear. Thank you. Carry on.

  5. Oh, and the rape charge? Maybe, maybe not. If he’s guilty, punish him. It just seems awfully convenient.

  6. Sure Thing says:

    Woohoo. I blogged my confusion regarding Wikileaks. I’m in favour, I just don’t want non-combatants being persecuted for things they thought they said in confidence.

    I also (think I) linked to the pharmaceutical company shenanigans via the Guardian. (Among a few other links)

  7. lunarmom says:

    We bow to your turn of phrase Oh Wise One (and also, the comely turn of your feminine ankle, but that’s another topic). Well done. We expect nothing less. (Okay, truthfully, we expect nothing, but are just happier than a hog is shit every time you sit down to the keyboard.)
    Big Love,

  8. Luna says:

    First, thanks for the shout-out. :) Second, that dude “Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall” made exactly the same comment on my post. Word. For. Word. Hahahahaha. Loser.

  9. Just for clarification, Luna, I’m a woman and a feminist, not a “dude.” And I’m not clear who you are referring to as a “loser.” Do you consider me a “loser” because I follow and comment on feminist blogs? I don’t follow. Please explain.

  10. Good recap, Fokker!

    My major rant on this topic is that liberal documentarian/cuddly curmudgeon Michael Moore has loudly offered money for bail/defense of Assange b/c he’s a whistleblower. Whistleblowing is a good thing. Donating money to acquit (alleged) rapists is NOT a good and cogent support of investigative journalism. This makes me queasy about Moore.

  11. Luna says:

    Okay, I stand corrected. He just made the same flattering comment at the beginning and then the whole blog pimping thing.

    I don’t know why that irritates me so much. But it does. Maybe I’m just bitchy today.

  12. Luna says:

    Gah. Missed the follow up. I apologise for a few things. First, assuming you’re male: it was “Stuart” that made me think that. Second: The same flattering comment. I find it irritating. Clearly, that’s my irrational problem. It seemed to me that you were just saying it in order to promote your own blog. If that is not the case, I apologise. No, I apologise anyway. It was rude and presumptuous.

    And I apologise to Ms. Fokker for shitting in her thread.

  13. Just to clarify, Luna, I link very few, exceptional blogs to my website. I link only two feminist blogs – because I find the majority to be far too intellectual and ideological to appeal to the people who follow my blog. And I don’t make positive remarks just to flatter people. I compliment people where I feel there is some commonality in the way we think about issues. I feel the world is in deep crisis politically, economically, and environmentally and that people need to find places where they share common ground. I’m really sorry if I offended you. It was unintentional.

  14. Luna says:

    Apology accepted. Clearly I was over-reacting. I apologise for that (again :))

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