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Scarred for life: my parents at the park

Being raised by my parents was mostly a good thing, but it has also left me mentally scarred for life. I thought, since y’all seemed to enjoy hearing about some of the more interesting things my parents have done, I’d … Continue reading

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A treatise on bringing a germy kid to school …

Apparently some mothers are completely unaware of the presence of these itty bitty things the science-folk call “germs”. I am going to have to make them sit down and watch the Sid the Science Kid “The Big Sneeze” until they … Continue reading

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My first date with Sweet Babou

The first date with my Sweet Babou was a disaster, but I was so completely charmed by his attempts to correct those disasters that I fell madly in love with him, kissed him, and got a marriage proposal. I accepted, … Continue reading

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