Brain Sparkles!

Lilo came to me the other day with a picture she had drawn. In the picture, she explained, sparkles were jumping from Grandpa’s brain into her brain, which is how she became good at art.

She had overheard Sweet Babou and I discussing that her love of drawing, and her talent at it, must have come from my Dad. This had started her wondering just how she got her talent and interest from Grandpa. After some thought, she came up with the idea of brain sparkles.

Did I sit her down and give her a lecture on genetic inheritance, and the complex multi-loci genome? Did I tell her how medical science is very unsure of just what role the genes play in personality, although they clearly have some effect? No I did not. I am all about the brain sparkles now.

Brain sparkles. Greatness.

She brought home her progress report from Kindergarten yesterday, and apparently some of Grandpa’s math sparkles got into her brain along with the art sparkles, since she is doing very well in the subject. This is awesome, since you could run a seine through my brain and find nary a math sparkle. As a feminist, it’s embarrassing because it seems to confirm the “girls are bad at math “ bullshit. Thus, I was very happy that math sparkles appear to twinkle in her noggin.

However, Lilo did get a few sparkles from her Mama. The drama sparkles to be precise.

Her teachers told me that on Spock’s birthday Lilo stood up before her class to make “a very important announcement!” When all eyes were upon her, she declared that “one year ago today, Mommy pushed my little baby sister out of her uterus!” This brought due wonder and joy to her classmates.

Y’all, I cannot wait to see what else arises from the foment of her brain sparkles.

I hope you all have a very, very sparkly day.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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9 Responses to Brain Sparkles!

  1. Kate George says:

    Brain Sparkles! Yay!

    Gotta get me some of them.

  2. Bethany says:

    Lifehacker had some good links for those wanting to improve in math to prep for helping their kids with homework or just improve their skills for neural pathway development. I’ve actually really liked the “mad math minute” link they had (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems and you complete as many as you can within a minute, I try to do it a few times a day and seem to be having an easier time when random math comes up at work). I’d be happy to find the links on my home computer and pass them over. I did well until Calculus and then just lost all math ability somehow and it was continuing to disappear until I started practicing again. Hoping to get back to 10th grade level eventually.

  3. I *love* Lilo’s brain sparkles! Supercoolness!!!!

  4. Sure Thing says:

    I love that she knows the word uterus. Now that’s some sparkly vocab for a child in K.

    As for the math thing – I’m ok provided I practice but I had very poor grounding as a gr 1 child and it affected me all through school. I actually quite like things mathematical.

  5. SueG/PatchworkBetty says:

    Brain sparkles, aren’t kids priceless!!

  6. SuzRocks says:

    Um, I think brain sparkles are awesome! You should trademark that phrase. Or at least see if you can get it to go viral.

    She’s got some serious sparkling going on!

  7. lunarmom says:

    I am totally going to use this in place of genes from now on. Besides, her words are better, and far less confusing. (Jeans/genes, can get very mixed up when used in conversation, brain sparkles is clearly a superior phrase.)

  8. Clever Cherry / Betty says:

    Brain sparkles! I love it when kids do things like that. I’m not one to gush over babies. They seem boring to me. It’s when kids start to develop personality and individual thought that I love them big time. And a precocious kid who can use uterus correctly in kindergarten – wow!

  9. Skye says:

    Late to the party here.

    LOVE brain sparkles. And second on the wow-factor for a kid who knows and can use the word uterus correctly. Coolness!

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