BP fighting to become biggest asshats on earth

So it wasn’t enough that British Petroleum cheated on the safety regulations, which were weak to being with, and caused the biggest environmental disaster in US history. Nope. They wanted more. They wanted to be leading contenders for the coveted title of “Biggest Asshats on Earth”, and just destroying one measly ecosystem and the economy and livelihood of thousands of people just wasn’t going to cut it.

They also needed to be complete wankstains about helping the people effected by the spill, while also bragging about how much they were helping the people whose lives they destroyed. They recently bitched to their lawyer that he was giving too much money away to greedy people when the economy of the Gulf was just fine and dandy. Of course, BP is full of shit. The so-called ‘overly generous’ lawyer for BP actually had to watch a guy get down on his knees and beg for enough money to feed his kids.

Of course, even BP new the public relations fallout would be obscene if they gave their execs their usual plush bonuses this year, so they held back a bit. However, the offshore drilling company in charge of the rig that went kaboom, Transocean, wasn’t so smart; they actually gave their execs safety bonuses. Seriously.

While it is marginally nice that the BP execs didn’t get their usual lucre, they have still only handed over a fraction of the monies they promised to the local workers who can’t pay their bills and are in a world of financial hurt. So BP is clearly still interested in winning the Asshat award. They would have been contenders anyway, just because of the environmental damage that’s happened to the Gulf Coast, and their pathetic attempts to ‘clean it up’.

The good news is that BP isn’t “really” trying to drill in the Gulf again. Or so they say. The Fokker trusts them not.

The Democrats are supposed to be trying to stop shit like this from happening again, but I also trust them not. They have proven spineless too often when confronted with steaming piles of money. At least they are giving the courtesy of lip service. All the Right Wing has to say can be summed up by this: “I don’t want the federal government to overreact and now put additional regulations that cripple the oil industry,” said John Young, president of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana.

Well, God forbid the oil industry suffer.

Oh yeah, and BP made billions in profit in 2010. You see how endangered they are?

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3 Responses to BP fighting to become biggest asshats on earth

  1. Well said. Bunch of dick pickles!

  2. Clever Betty says:

    I can only repeat what I have been saying for years. DIFFERENT ENERGY SOURCE THAN FOSSIL FUEL. AND NOT COAL OR NUCLEAR. THEY HAVE UNSOLVED PROBLEMS. Solar power, wind power, sustainable sources like hemp or corn, etc.

  3. Ashley says:

    I definitely hear you on this. Tis very unfortunate.

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