The tooth fairy can’t fly in the rain

Lilo lost her second tooth on Tuesday; it was the other bottom central incisor. That night she put it on her dresser so the Tooth Fairy could find it and leave her another Sacajawea dollar. She loves the Sacajawea dollars, because it is a “gold” coin. Moreover, she loves the word coin. The coin is apparently an impressive monetary unit, especially if it has a golden color and a Native American heroine on it.



This woman is greatness, y’all.


There was only one problem with Lilo’s hopes … her mother is a dipshit. I totally forgot to make the swap. I n my defense I have a sick baby, since Spock has a cold and has turned into a mucus-dripping hip-monkey. However, that is no excuse to neglect Lilo so mea culpa.

Yesterday morning Lilo comes into my bedroom on her little cat feet, and softly tells me that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come. Her small face was very downcast and bewildered. I felt like the most uber-asshat in the history of the world. I had to think quickly! Which I did!

Seeing the torrential downpour that was happening outside my window, I was inspired. “Sweetie, the Tooth Fairy can’t fly in heavy rain. Her wings get wet and she can’t flutter them. We’ll put it out again tonight and she’ll be able to make it then.” Lilo thought this was a very reasonable explanation and was satisfied. Booyah!

Last night my Sweet Babou reminded me to leave the coin, so Lilo did wake up to a Sacajawea dollar left by a dried out Tooth Fairy. There was glee. We put the money in her Eyeore-shaped piggy bank and all was well in Lilo’s world. She was able to bound off to YMCA summer camp with the happy news she had been visited by a metaphysical creature who paid her for a body part. Her cuteness was something fierce, y’all.

Now go forth, and don’t forget that the Tooth Fairy can’t fly in rain.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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6 Responses to The tooth fairy can’t fly in the rain

  1. At our house, sometimes the dogs would frighten the poor tooth fairy off.

    • Alis says:

      At ours we had to “search” through the pillows and blankets to find the missing moolah. Luckily GeekDaddy had *very* quick hands and no one ever noticed him palming the gold dollars (we used them too!) to then FIND them in the bed.

      Sometimes I feel bad for misleading my children and then sometimes… eh, not so much. ;)

  2. Toni says:

    Cute story. :)

    I preferred to tell my son that there was no such thing as . I’m sure most people would think I’m cruel for that, but I just felt that it was more than cruel for me to lie. Not judging folks who choose to let their kids believe in them, just for me never felt right. Not that it kept my son from choosing to believe anyway. We have a pretty funny tooth story of my mother walking in on my son using his fingers to try and pull out his silver tooth (he had it capped from a cavity at the dentist) so he could go sell it. He felt sure that it was worth enough for him to buy a Wii.

  3. Diva says:

    Good save! And i can see the awesome of the coin because it both portrays a mother an is gold. Who wants a george washington when u could have sacajawea?

  4. grandma K says:

    You guys are s0 imaginative. We were just “wow, lots of kids must have lost their teeth yesterday. Busy lady, that tooth fairy. She’ll probably make it tonight. . .”

  5. lunarmom says:

    This is my absolute favorite part: visited by a metaphysical creature who paid her for a body part!

    But yeah, the quick thinking was greatness too!

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