Racism is the far-right fall-back.

(Let me state, up front, that not every member of the GOP is a racist and it would be disingenuous to say that they were. However, the far-right is just chockablock with bigoted asshats. It is the far-right of which I am blogging, since I have Republican friends (I know!) who read this blog and they are not racist scum and should not be conflated with the lunatic fringe of the conservatives.)

My goodness, but the far-right is dragging out the “scary black man” to keep it’s adherents  from noticing they have screwed the economy royally and have systematically disenfranchised everyone who isn’t a rich white guy or who hasn’t made a patriarchal bargain to serve rich white guys.

For example, Faux Fox News, the official mouthpiece of the Tea Baggers and other right-wing extremists, pulled out this gem:



So they ignore the fact the austerity measures so beloved of the GOP is a significant factor in scuttling the economy, but they blame it on the fact a black president knows black celebrities and is conversant with the “Hip-Hop”? No, there are no racial overtones there at all! There are only pixies and unicorns!

But this was a subtle form of racist pandering compared to the shit that’s spewing form other far-right face holes. To date far-right darlings of the Tea baggers have called Obama a “tar baby” and “boy”, and they have done it multiple times. Then there is the more blatantly racist, “Mocked by The Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain as the little people of the Lord of the Rings books, the Tea Party “Hobbits” are indeed returning to Middle Earth — to nail the coonskin to the wall.” This was written by none other than Pat Buchanan. How do you pass off “coonskin” as anything other than gross and vile racism?

Tea baggers have also gotten some flack for having forwarded this “family photo” of President Obama:


At its heart, there is not much difference between the Fox News image and the photoshopped apes.

The terror that a black man, someone who is not a WASP, sits in the Oval Office is at the heart of the hysteria against President Obama. The man is moderate to the point he is a de facto conservative Republican, and yet the far-right keeps scooting farther right to get away from him. Eventually the Tea Baggers and other far-right nutjobs will just have to go ahead and put on the white hoods, openly supporting David Duke as a Presidential candidate, instead of just relying on ‘jokes’ and innuendos.

Racists are not just asshats, they are STUPID asshats.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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9 Responses to Racism is the far-right fall-back.

  1. This is really f**ken bad for politics to get like this, i couldn’t believe it when i read it in the paper over here what they had called him.. Just shows to the rest of the world how ignorant and stupid they and whatever their policies are. But then i suppose the far right don’t care about the rest of the world and what they think?

  2. Tina Price-Johnson says:

    Bloody hell! Such blatant racism! How the hell can they get away with printing such hate-mongering vileness? Clearly they have no actual political arguments and think that spewing their idiotic vitriol will be enough. Hopefully not.

  3. Diva says:

    oh wow…and excuse me but when george w partied for his bday did they make a huge production of his eating, i don’t know, squirrels and crap off the ranch and listening to country music? this is sooo hate-mongering. blah!

    fyi my baby shower is gonna be held at “the bbq barn” one town over…call fox news maybe i’m black and a liberal threat!

  4. Sure Thing says:

    My favourite psychology text from undergrad was Social Psychology by Baron and Byrne. I’m too lazy/tired to get up off me ass and see which edition it was but the one thing that springs to mind is “group polarisation.”

    Roughly what this phenomenon is – a group of people believe in some idea or have a set of views or a position on an issue. A multiplying effect starts to occure within a group. People start to take a more extreme position on their view. In this case it shows up as “I am more conservative than you” and the next person in the group aims to prove their commitment by then being more so. The trouble is that this then degenerates into negative behaviour. I’d explain more but that’s what I can remember while looking at the spine of the book sitting on the shelf 9-ish feet away.

  5. SuzRocks says:

    I think there are racists on both sides. And people just say stupid crap. My sister told me that just a few days ago, some white kids in mississippi went and found the first black guy they could find and beat him up, and then were joking about it in the McDonalds.

    On the other side, in her book, Condeleeza Rice explains why she was a republican. Apparently, when her parents went to register to vote, the democrat wouldn’t let them register, but the Republican would, so they just stuck with it. Funny, huh?

    • Betty Fokker says:

      There are, indubitably, racist Democrats. This was PARTICULARLY true in the South until not-to-recently. Of course, 50 years ago many Republicans were for Equal Rights and Social Security and other crazy things like that. In fact, I personally know several Republicans who want equal rights, notably for gays, and are moderate. Their voices have just been drowned out by the yowls of Tea Baggers and the squawks of Mitch McConnell.

  6. Amitatuq says:

    I wish I had a spine but I totally avoid confrontation so I’ve done nothing about a co-worker sending me a similar e-mail to the “family picture” one. This is one of the things that disgusts me so much about politics lately. Things get bitter enough in partisan politics but the racism has brought it to a new low.

    • Betty Fokker says:

      Often, knowing how MEAN the Tea Baggers and other racists are does frighten people into compliance. Is there any way to report the co-worker, quietly, to the higher-ups? Or would that be useless, because the higher-ups are in sympathy with your asshat co-workers sentiments.

      Maybe send her links to vile & violent hate crimes, with a chirpy message, “Saw this and thought of you!”. I’ve noticed most racist are TERRIBLY offended when its pointed out to them . They know racist is a bad word, so they want to act racist without having to (ironically) suffer a negative label.

      They suck.

      • Amitatuq says:

        I thought about reporting it later, hopefully anonymously, but unfortunately I deleted the e-mail immediately in a fit of anger after reading it. And I unfortunately clean my deleted e-mails out pretty quickly. Yeah, this co-worker is definitely the type who does not see herself as racist, yet feels free to post and e-mail anti-Muslim “jokes” and such. Unfortunately my politics are in the minority where I work and I’m sure I’m frequently harassed about being a liberal (all in a “joking” manner though). With the way we work, it’s really uncomfortable to not have a good working relationship. We basically work in teams with lots of time alone together. I wonder if I can block her e-mail from my non-work account…

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