99 1/2 weeks

Newt Gingrich is an asshat. A self-absorbed, merciless, greedy asshat. Not just because he left his wife when she was dying of cancer and was having an affair at the same time he was going after Bill Clinton for extra-marital blowjobs. No. He is an asshat because he has an attitude toward those who are struggling in today’s economy that is more suited to a story-tell villain; if people starve, that’s their tough shit.

According to Newt, people should not get unemployment benefits for 99 weeks because that’s just paying the lazy bastards for doing nothing. If they really wanted a job, it wouldn’t take 99 weeks, now would it?

Suck my metaphorical dick, Newt.

I have some good friends who had to rely on unemployment benefits, which are not exactly “lavish” I promise you, for nine months. A minimum wage job would not have paid for both rent and food for them and their two children, so the Dad continued to look for work in his field and drew unemployment, while the Mom worked at a Big Store for 35 hours a week. If Dad worked at the Big Store the unemployment would have been withheld, and they would have literally gotten to chose between being homeless or letting the kid’s go hungry and not paying the electric bill. The kids had state health insurance at the time, but my friends were left blowing in the wind and just prayed they could fight off any infections without antibiotics. They had to use “cash-advance” places to get groceries at times. They even rationed how often they took the kids to the library since the gas in the car was a precious commodity. It was so hard on them that I had let them know Sweet Babou and I would have made room for them in our little 3 bedroom ranch rather than let them go homeless.

Tell me Newt, do you think they enjoyed that? Thought it was a vacation? Spent that extra time off on their yacht? Think the Dad enjoyed the weeks of fruitless applications? Think the Mom and Dad enjoyed “doing nothing” when they needed to buy their kid’s Christmas gifts? Think they enjoyed selling jewelry the Mom had gotten from her grandmother for gas money? Think the Mom enjoyed selling her mother’s china when her children needed new shoes? Do you honestly think they were using unemployment benefits because it was easy and fun?

And what does that psychopath know about tough economic times? Newt Gingrich has a net worth of $20 million. Anyone think his ass would have to draw unemployment even if he was kicked out of his cushy lobbyist job?

That stupid wankstain is one of the High Priests of Mammon, even if he did convert to Catholicism to marry his 3rd wife (who he was banging before he left his 2nd wife).

I’m going to need a double shot of amaretto in my moo-juice, y’all.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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5 Responses to 99 1/2 weeks

  1. Sure Thing says:

    A long, long time ago, when I was but a teenager, Connie Chung got Noot’s mom to say what he REALLY thought of Hilary Clinton.

    Even back then I knew that Connie had done wrong – you don’t ask someone to whisper if they’re miked. BUT she must’ve known that he was a hypocrite then and was going to make sure it got out.

    I still DO NOT agree with her methods, but my liberal self is secretly pleased because I shudder at the ridiculousness in this idea of “lazyness.”

  2. Becky says:

    I stumbled across this article yesterday about why the pitiless, teabagger philosophy is flourishing in the suburbs. I’m not sure I agree 100%. I think some of it is an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude. The corporate fat cats are rich and happy, so they must be doing something right, right? And I think some of it is the classic fear that we’ve struggled with as a country from the beginning. Those damn Irish/Chinese/Blacks/Mexicans/unemployed/uninsured are sucking up all our resources that should be reserved for the Real, hardworking Americans. But I do think they have a point about the lack of connection leading to a lack of empathy for others. Lord knows that the politicians in Washington are completely disconnected from the reality of 99.9% of the rest of the country.


  3. londonmabel says:

    Your description of what your friends went through is very telling. I’ve been on employment insurance (in Canada) this year for the first time (I’ve always been employed, since moving out of the folks’ house). It wasn’t as hard on me cause we don’t have kids, no home, no car, and though my husband’s job doesn’t pay well it does have very good insurance. But it was hardly a joyful year either! Losing your job can be a catalyst for a loooot of other difficult stuff in your life. In Betty-terms, it’s been the closest to being “towered” that I’ve ever experienced. And that alone makes it hard to job hunt or start something new!

    And what’s with the 99 weeks? I don’t know about you guys, but I was entitled to benefits for almost a year because I’d worked at the same job for 15 years. If someone’s getting 99 weeks of benefits out there, it’s not some slacker! It must be someone who’s worked a long time, in which case they’re older and will have even more trouble finding work. Oh my days…

  4. Luna says:

    Canada just elected a whole fucking majority of Newt Gingrichs. It’s infuriating. In the crime bill they just proposed (which will pass, because nothing can stop them, they have a majority) growing more than 200 pot plants will net you more time in the slammer than raping a toddler. Seriously.

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