Lies by deception …

Before I get onto todays rant, which is very ranty indeed, I would like to take a minute to note the massively warped comments in my comments section over the last two days. Y’all are oversharing deviants. You are my kind of people!!! Just when I think I could not love y’all more, the comments go bananas and I learn new levels of ick, chortles, and adoration. Now, back to throwing a fit and falling in it about far right shenanigans.

Well, looky here! Faux news has figured out new ways to lie like rugs! They now lie via altered graphics! Can anyone spot the little fib they’ve got going on at the end of their chart here?


Yes! The 8.6% is on the same level as the 9.0%! Frankly, I wouldn’t have been too torqued if someone pointed out that employment statistics could obfuscate the fact that it may just be that some people’s benefits had dried up, and they weren’t counted anymore, or that a lot of women gave up hope, or it doesn’t look at underemployment, where people who were working a part-time job or 2 jobs for minimum wage making less money than when they used to work one good job in construction but at least aren’t “unemployed” have moved out of the count – those are legitimate attacks.

But no. Fox had to lie because of it’s constant and unceasing attempts to dumb down it’s audience requires bullshit and ‘simple’ concepts. To keep things simple, they lied visually. The graph line should have dropped, in a seemingly dramatic fashion, to below the 8.8% of March. However, this might have ‘confused’ the narrative that Obama is the worst president in the history of the world, and that his stimulus bill did nothing to help so no stimulus should ever be released again. Fox cannot risk any sort of reality leaking into the minds of it’s viewers! The viewers might support Obama, or get pissed at the far-right politicians who have betrayed the interests of the 99%! Oh noes!

If you have to lie to make your team look good, you are on the wrong damn team, asshat.

Considering that my far-right, Fox-watching parents were so disgusted by the antics of the Republicans that they voted for Democrats in the last cycle of Kentucky elections, and this lead to the Tea Bagger candidate for governor , David Williams, getting spanked hard, maybe the powers that be at Fox are right to be scared. Of course, the Tea Baggers claimed the GOP moderates (only moderate in comparison to Tea Baggers, of course) who are “establishment Republicans” are really to blame, but the ‘establishment’ tried to blame it on the fact David Williams is a gigundous pustule that no one liked. The GOP establishment has a point, because I met Williams 20 years ago when I was a Republican, and I disliked him intensely. He’s like a snake oil salesman, without the class. Nevertheless, let’s face it … if the right can’t bully it’s way to victory in a red state like Kentucky, it is in deep shit.

Oh, I really hope so.

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4 Responses to Lies by deception …

  1. Maybe they just aren’t smart enough to know how graphs work? I mean they’ve demonstrated their ignorance with geography, perhaps they didn’t pass 5th grade math either.

    Probably not, they’re just lying asshats.

  2. lunarmom says:

    There’s my word again…hope! Me too. ;)

    (I think we should blame all that oversharing on Barb [she started it], but ya know, she’s ass deep in finals, so she can’t defend her poor self.)

  3. andithe says:

    Lol. Too funny-stupid Fox!

  4. illinojun says:

    You may suggest that giving up hope, expired benefits, etc. are all valid reasons to question the drop in unemployment but weren’t those reasons equally valid in October? And in September? And in many months before that?

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