Of Egos and Asshats

What happens when the narcissistic ideologues running for an office are more concerned with enacting revenge against the candidate who “wronged” them by getting more votes than they are sticking to the party platform and playing for the team? Exactly what’s happening in South Carolina, that’s what.

Mitt Romney is taking hits from his “friends” in areas that his enemies have traditionally been too mealy-mouthed, spineless, and/or complicit to address. Typically the GOP has dominated political discourse and the media narrative because they make a cohesive effort to stick to the ‘gospel’ talking points and not slag each other. Also, if one of their members was under attack, they usually rushed to defend him, not to ignore his plight or join in the kill — unlike Democrats. Also, the GOP usually tries to simply one-up each other in who can be the most puritanical, homophobic, asshat and attack on a personal basis only.

But this time the GOP has run aground on it’s own hate. Gingrich and Perry aren’t taking the George W. Bush route of saying their opponent has a fictitious black love child and is also gay. Nope. The dumb bastards are going after Romney for things that are the sacred cows of the right wing: money grubbing and misogyny. Worse, they are telling the truth. The King of Bain ad is a pretty accurate summation of what those kind of companies do to middle-class America while sucking huge profits up for the top 1%. There are those on the right who are rushing for damage control by insisting that Bain did the noble work wherein it took companies, “reorganized them and then sold them for profit”.  Since everyone in America knows downsizing and preordination mean lost middle-class jobs, either through speed-up or outsourcing, this doesn’t help Romney that much. 

And that numbnuts Perry is being a smart mouth to the “Kingmakers” in his party, which is as stupid as I have always thought he was.

Basically, if Romney gets the GOP nomination then his fellows have done a shitload of Barak Obama’s reelection campaigning for him, and the Dems don’t even have to put up with the accusation of “going negative” or running a “smear campaign”.  Even if Gingrich snags the nomination from Romney, he is very unlikely to win the Presidency because he has no credit with the fiscally conservative or evangelical GOP base. They all know he is a lying, whoring, me-first kind of scummy, cheating, goat blowing, turn-coat. Perry is not going to elected because there is a level of moron even the GOP won’t go for. Jesus loves you Perry, but the voters know you couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if there were instructions on the heel.

How I wish Molly Ivins was alive to see this.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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6 Responses to Of Egos and Asshats

  1. Wouldn’t Molly be having a field day! I miss her too.

  2. Kathryn says:

    When friends and family bemoan the entry of politicians like Perry, Santorum, Palin and Gingrich to national races, I always counter “No, we want them to run. They will show their nature and damage their fellow candidates by association”. As Lincoln said, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.
    Please stay in the race longer, Rick. Maybe we’ll finally be rid of you here in Texas!
    P.S. If Molly called W a shrub, what would she call Perry?

    • Betty Fokker says:

      She knew him as a governor … she called him Governor Goodhair. Here is a quote from her: “Bush was replaced by his exceedingly Lite Guv Rick Perry, who has really good hair. Governor Goodhair, or the Ken Doll (see, all Texans use nicknames—it’s not that odd), is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But the chair of a major House committee says, “Goodhair is much more engaged as governor than Bush was.” As the refrain of the country song goes, “O Please, Dear God, Not Another One.”

      God Bless Molly Ivins!!

  3. pinkpelican says:

    Sadly, I am afraid that no matter who wins the GOP primary, they will win the general election. I would rather have Romney than the rest of the field, because for all his soul-less money-mongering-ness, he appears to be at least NOT batshit crazy; has in the past espoused moderate social views; & would appear to be able to at least spell “compromise” without having to google it.

    I liked Huntsman somewhat more than Romney, but apparently he was TOO stable & too moderate (for a Republican) to get any traction in the primary.

    Everybody is angry, and angry means change. Moderates & Independents have lost faith in Obama, and so have many Democrats. The only “viable” alternative to a Democratic president is a Republican president. I think some Republican seats in both houses of Congress will change hands, but that will happen in primary elections (I think tea party incumbents will get tossed on their asses for GOP candidates that have the capacity to appeal to a broader Republican, & moderate/independent, electorate).

    It’s been my observation that the Democratic party has no concept of either strategy or tactics; I also think that they couldn’t find an effective marketing or public relations consultant if they were stranded on a deserted island with the very best people in that field.

    I liked what Obama had to say last time around, but I’m convinced the only reason he won was because McCain went out of his way to lose the election. Even though people were angry in 2008, too, McCain was enough of a maverick to appeal to moderates in both parties & to independents. Right up until he brought Batshit Crazy Palin onto his team & then started taking some of her meds & sounding like a complete idiot.

    If McCain had stuck to his own platform & persona, and if he’d picked up a sane & stable VP candidate, I think he would have won that election.

    But you know, the people who support the party in power don’t come out to vote, even when it’s clear their lack of support will mean they’ll lose the election. People who are angry come out to vote, & angry people throw out the baby with the bathwater, often choosing the worst possible alternative just to change what isn’t working. Right now, everybody is angry, so everybody will come out, & I think Democrats are in the minority & have lost moderates/indies.

    So I’m torn … Romney doesn’t make me happy, but I think he would be a better president by orders of magnitude than the rest of the remaining GOP field. I would prefer Obama, but I could live with Romney. I think that any of the rest of the GOP offerings would be a nightmare as President, but because one of them could, theoretically, beat Obama just because Obama at this point represents “what hasn’t worked” & has the hopeless Democratic party supporting him, I don’t even want them on the ticket for the general election.

    So, do I support a GOP candidate who is at least viable, knowing he is more likely to win the general election; or do I hope for Batshit Crazy to win the primary, knowing there’s still a better than even chance that they will win no matter how idiotic they are compared to the status quo?

    I’d really love to see a movement that said, “Find a candidate in a non-Pub/Dem party that believes as closely as possible to what you believe, & vote for them … IN EVERY LEVEL OF POLITICS. Deny your votes to the major parties. Just take an evening & do a little online research.”

    It will never happen, but wouldn’t it be amazing if Pubs & Dems combined found themselves in the minority?

    Well, that was a long rant. ;=)

  4. londonmabel says:

    The Daily Show was pretty funny when this crap was happening. (The only way I can stomach semi following the GOP candidates is through Stewart and Colbert.)

  5. girlyjona says:

    Not my politics specifically, but you get my vote for your fearless use of the word asshat. Great word with a stunning visual!! And a great post.

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