Poverty and Wealth are not correlations of Work




Lately the far-right, via their mouthpiece Faux “News”, has been bleating that the rage experienced by the bottom 99% of Americans at the cold-blooded dismantling of equality and the political system by the parasitic 1% is merely class warfare by people jealous of success. In the mythical land infested by hard-right John Birchers the wealthy deserve to be overlords because they are better and they work harder and the poors are just lazy crack hos who can simultaneously have lots of abortions and 15 kids in order to rake in the lavish Welfare benefits. Worse, those ‘entitlement’ seekers are probably ‘ethnic’ people and you know how they are always looking for a handout but it TOTALLY UNFAIR to call the far-right a nasty word like “racist” when they use racist code words to appeal to the knuckle-dragging shit-kicking asshats who long for the good ole days before MLK, Jr.

Unsurprisingly, this rhetoric ignores these things called “facts”. Facts are elusive beasties and are thin on the ground at Faux “News” at the best of times, but when it comes to socio-economic disparity facts become scarcer than pregnant mules.

Hard work does not necessarily correlate to wealth.

Let’s look at the hard work done by Mitt Romney when he was at Bain shall we? How hard is it to buy companies, drain them dry, fire all the workers, and sell the corpse? Is this really work compared to say, coalmining? Or working as a janitor? Or something well paid, like a brain surgeon or engineer, but will still only earn the laborer a fraction of what Mitt got? How bout that hard work done by the wealthy Kardashians? Kim Kardashian made close to $20 million for her wedding, which lasted less than 4 months. A teacher would need to work (based on average salary) about 425 years to earn that much. Does Kim Kardashian work THAT much harder than a teacher? A moderately well-paid pediatrician would need to work 85 years for the same money Kim made for marrying some guy. That’s reasonable, is it?

My maternal grandmother was born the dirt poor daughter of a coalminer in Appalachia. She married a coalminer. She had no access to birth control so she, unsurprisingly, had 10 kids. She worked like a dog to provide for them. Grandpa’s salary wouldn’t cover all the necessities … not by a long shot. She she gardened and canned produce to make sure all the hungry mouths had enough to eat. There was little or no medical car so she was the only doctor or nurse her kids had. There was no electricity, so she washed clothes by hand and fed everyone with meals cooked on a woodstove. She had to shit in an outhouse until my mom was in college and LBJ’s programs brought plumbing and electricity into rural homes. She died, poor but with  a washing machine and bathroom, of cancer when she was only in her 50s.

She was poor. She was a hard worker. She had value, and was dearly loved by her family … including a peck of us grandkids.

Hard work is NO GARUNTEE of wealth. Being mad about being shit on is NOT THE SAME as being jealous of success. The 99% are pissed as hell because the OPPORTUNITIES for prosperity (not riches, just a comfortable middle-class life) are disappearing because the greed and shenanigans of the 1%.

Angry and Envy are different words, Faux “news”. Look it up.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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4 Responses to Poverty and Wealth are not correlations of Work

  1. German Chocolate Betty says:

    You said it all. Nothing to add.


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  3. Robin S. says:

    Gah. Does this never end?

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