A distinct lack of justice and mercy

Tanya McDowell, a 33 year old black homeless mother, has committed a horrible crime. She pretended she lived at an address that allowed her son to go to a better kindergarten! My God! That evil woman would have forced better-off white kids to learn in the same classroom with her homeless little black son! The wealthier kids might have caught poor cooties! They might have had to eat lunch with a homeless black boy!

Well, we all know how stringent our justice system is on crimes of this magnitude! It’s not like she did something minor, like steal $2.5 million dollars. I mean, former hedge fund manager Drew “Bo” Brownstein pleaded guilty to securities fraud, and is now serving an arduous one year in prison, followed by six months of house arrest and 500 hours of community service.  Moreover, he has been fined $7,500 and forced to give up $2.4 million of his illegal profits.  Granted, “Papers filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission say Brownstein actually made more than $5 million in illegal profits. The $2.5 million described at sentencing related solely to the criminal charge.” … so he’s still got $2.5 million dollars. That should cushion the blow for him. But at least he didn’t try to steal a better education for his little boy! That deserves a much harsher punishment! Therefore, the judge wisely sentenced Tanya McDowell to 12 years and prison and a fine of $6,200 for her dastardly deeds.

Wait! There’s more! Three days after she attended an educational reform rally, she was targeted by police for an undercover drug sting and has plead guilty to selling drugs. Change.org has pointed out that her arrest is suspicious in its timing, but also points out it that it has nothing to do with the fact she was trying to get her son into a good school, even though he was homeless and impoverished. What if she is, indeed, guilty as charged?

I, for one, certainly wouldn’t do anything illegal to feed my babies! I would never sell drugs, or sell my body, or lie, or steal, or cheat, to make sure my kids were fed. Nope. I would cling to the moral high ground and let the little fokkers go hungry. I would certainly never claw, scrape, and hoodwink authorities to try to give them a step up in life. I could probably sell video of the pigs flying out of my ass for a tidy profit, however.

I am so glad the judge and the lead prosecutor (Suzanne Vieux who called the sentencing “fair“) didn’t let the fact the defendant was desperately poor and desperately trying to help her son get a better life influence their decision to come down on her with hobnailed boots.  I am sure they would have treated Tanya McDowell the exact same way if she had been an affluent white guy!

Just like the way Rick Santorum was prosecuted when he defrauded a Pennsylvania school district out of almost $100,000 by getting them to pay for his kid’s cyber-school tuition, even though he lived in a different school district, namely one in Virginia, entirely. Oh, wait. Santorum got away with that shit. In fairness, though, he is going to pay back SOME of the money.

Golly, it is almost like there is one system of justice for rich white guys, and another for poor black women.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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5 Responses to A distinct lack of justice and mercy

  1. Robin S. says:

    This kind of shit constantly pisses me off. And that’s all I’m going to say or my head will explode.

  2. German Chocolate Betty says:

    “Golly, it is almost like there is one system of justice for rich white guys, and another for poor black women.”

    Hmmmm. Ya think??? Naaaaaah.

    (You did note the sarcasm in there, right??)

    It’s the kingdom of the 1%. Got nothin’ to do with color, babe, except for the color of your bank account!

    ;/tears hair out/
    So. Many. Things. Wrong.

  4. T says:

    FINALLY you write about something I can legitimately share, lol. Love this, as usual. Thanks for showing us a way to laugh through the sheer frustration, anger, and sadness.

  5. elizabeth says:

    crook of crap, , there are mothers out there doing drugs in front of their kids, selling off every toy they get for birthdays , christmas, and stand in line at the salvation army for more toys to sell after christmas, take the $600 in food stamps an buy $100 food for the month and sell the rest, and DFACS does NOTHING!!!! Booooooship!!!

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