A “Liberal” misogynist is still an asshat

So, Bill Maher, a theoretical Liberal who does say some funny things when he isn’t saying mean shit about women and gays, has decided to chastise American progressives for being so mean to Rush Limbaugh and not forgiving him and for being poopyheads by petitioning advertisers to get that hate-filled goat-blower off the air. Golly, if an anemic half-apology won’t get an misogynist out of trouble, and people will actually go out of their way to boycott him as a punishment for his unrelenting attacks on women, minorities, and gays … what’s next? We’ll go after Bill Maher for his homophobic and misogynistic slurs? 

Clearly there is SOME reason Maher is feeling empathetic to Limbaugh. Over at Shakesville, Melissa McEwan has written several posts about the horrible sexist and anti-gay crap that has spewed from Maher’s mouth, posts which she had now put together on one awesome page. Be prepared to scroll down. Maher has said a lot of woman/gay-hating things, y’all.

I think that Maher, although well aware of the social inequities plaguing non-hegemonic males and minorities, is completely complacent when it comes to his own particular brand of sexism. For some reason he thinks being pro-choice and only calling conservative women “cunt” gives him a get-out-of-jail-free card from feminists. Sadly, a lot of other “Liberal” talking heads think the same thing, while saying the same denigrating shit. What they don’t seem to get is that misogyny is misogyny, no matter which political side it comes from.

For example, I disagreed with every asinine thing that dribbled out of Herman Cain’s cheating mouth. However, if I had called him the “N” word, it would have said little about the disagreement but a lot about the fact I was a racist thunderdouche. Hateful, bigoted remarks about women only show the speaker is a hateful bigot. They add nothing to the debate.

Part of the problem is that when conservative women complain they are easy to dismiss, because they defend the horrible misogynist venom pouring out of what used to be the Far Right.  Michelle Malkin is correct in pointing out that the Left has lots of asshats who say vile things about any woman they disagree with, but appears completely delusional when she insists this is so RARE from the Far Right. Seriously, Malkin … have you not noticed the garbage flying from Far Right pieholes, and realized they back their rhetoric with a concentrated and sustained attempt to limit women’s rights?

Do you know why feminists can’t go after the left-wing asshats with both guns? Because we are busy desperately trying not to lose the rights we fought so hard for in the first place, and while some people on the left say bad things, the Right is pushing to do more than just “talk” about us like we are sluts who cannot be trusted with our own bodies. Feminists have been screaming into the wind for years, with very few individuals bothering to listen to us because we are “over-sensitive” or are “hysterical”. Only lately has the Far Right stepped up and made more apparent its assault on reproductive rights, and it is the threat to contraception that has brought women who have never thought of themselves as “feminist” into the world of social-media activism.

In other words, there are finally enough of us pissed off to be effective at boycotting and other political battles.

No wonder Maher wants us to forgive Limbaugh and not scuttle his career as a hate-monger. Maher probably wonders if he might be next.

We can only hope.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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8 Responses to A “Liberal” misogynist is still an asshat

  1. Melanie says:

    Beautifully stated. Thank you!

  2. sheri says:

    AMEN! Thank you!

  3. Renee says:

    THIS. is a brilliant post my Lovely Fokker! Those who live and breathe and spew from the “far” literally scare the crap out of me. It has to be an ugly, nasty place, this land of “far”, because it clearly brings out the absolute worst in people. Whether it be far left, far right, far up or far down – nasty, plain and simple. I envision it to be like the place in Lord Of The Rings where the bad guy lives. Fire, brimstone, treacherous terrain, and completely unpleasant and a totally inhabitable place for one’s brain.

    Thanks for putting to words what has been roaming in my head. Whether you’re a donkey or an elephant, when the stuff you’re spewing is s*#t, it’s going to stink to high heaven.

  4. One has to wonder, why are men running so scared of us? Why are they feeling so threatened on both sides of the fence?

    • Luna says:

      Power. It all comes down to power. There is NOTHING more dangerous than trying to wrest power from a man.

      • lunarmom says:

        Well said, my friend. They THINK they have unbeatable and unending power, but it’s more about their FEAR of our power. And wanna know where THAT started? ALLLLLLLLL the way back. Before an organized church was even an idea. Women bled and did not die. That scared the ever livin’ shit out of men. And it still does.

  5. “Hateful, bigoted remarks about women only show the speaker is a hateful bigot. They add nothing to the debate. ”


  6. Yup. Limbaugh or Maher, men who fear women. They are everywhere.

    But this one, you will like. I promise you will like this man. He is the kind of man we need more of.

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