An exercise in denial.

Well, this is fokked up.

The island nation of Kiribati, concerned over the fact there is clear evidence of man-made climate change that can raise sea levels and do other shit that ain’t good for an archipelago in the Pacific , is thinking about moving their whole populace to Fiji.

Meanwhile, the anti-science dingbats on the far-right continue to froth at the mouth and insist that there isn’t any global warming and if there was any global warming it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with fossil fuels, so there. Climate change deniers drive me nuts, because there is too much at stake for a bunch of asshats to stick their fingers in their ears and try to wish it away because it is scary.

Seriously, can they not read the chart?


I, for one, am curious how they explain that the ice in the Great Lakes was down over 71% in the last forty years. Or that the polar ice sheets are melting like crazy, even if they are slightly less crazy-melty than we feared (but still a big ass ton of crazy)? Or that the world’s water supplies are seriously threatened? Does it bother them that even skeptics in the science field come around to the reality of global warming when they have evidence? WTF do they think is happening? Sun giants are farting into the atmosphere but no worries because angels will karate-chop them in time to save us?

So far, when the deniers are confronted by the facts of the matter they tend to sing the same song: CO2 is wonderfully beneficial, it is NOT causing warming, and if any warming is happening it’s the all natural product of water vapor and solar flares, dammit. In fact, some even maintain that the earth is really cooling. I can only assume it is chilled by the fluttering breezes produced by all the pixies flying out of their asses.

They certainly aren’t worried about the fact that Greenland’s ice sheets may be going bye-bye. After all, even at the earliest possible point when the ice would melt away, everyone alive today would be dead as a doornail, and it would therefore be left for our descendants to clean up. Is it just tough titty for our great-great-great-grandkids.

By now, in the face of overwhelming proof that the earth is heating up like a cooking ham, climate change deniers have fallen back on the mantra that there is NOTHING we can do to stop the warming and we should just keep on driving hummers.

That is bullshit. There are many things we can do as individuals. There is also stuff we can do as an industrialized nation, but since that would cut into the Big Oil profit margin I am not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Any you know what is the most annoying thing of all? It is that we who saw the writing on the wall, looked at all the evidence piling up, and tried to stop (or at least slow) global warming … we’re stuck on the exact same planet that asshats are happy to destroy because they don’t like reality and all its difficult choices.


I need some amaretto in my milk. A lot of amaretto.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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2 Responses to An exercise in denial.

  1. Robin S. says:

    Wait! Wait! I saw a guy on TV who said that things were warming up! BUT, we are just simply going through, “a period of climate change”! There, that makes it better, doesn’t it? (Please note heavy, dripping, sarcasm here.)

  2. And another thing that gets me, the poor, I mean poverty stricken, people around here, keep voting as if it is their job to protect big oil tycoons. And the semi-poor drive big old trucks that require lots of expensive gasoline and will slam you viciously if you suggest that gas-effiecient vehicles would be a more reasonable choice. Global warming? Forget about it. They’re so deep up in big oil billionaires asses they don’t even remember why they climbed up there in the first place. Must be comfy for them, though, cause they ain’t moving.

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