Fire the sluts!

Arizona, who apparently has a mission in life to make places like Kansas and Mississippi look reasonable in comparison, is trying to get a law in place that would allow employers to force the women who work for them to prove that they only use birth control pills for non-whoreish reasons. Since the great state of Arizona is also a “right to work” state which means an employer can fire your skanky, harlot ass without having to provide “just cause”.  Thus, they can fire their female employees who, married or single, are using those egg-American murdering pills to prevent pregnancy … simply because the employer doesn’t like women having the sexy times without paying the “price” of womb occupancy. Don’t those stupid jezebels know it is God’s will that they try to have as many children as they can for their Lord and master husband?

What’s this you say? Some men want to have the sexy times with their wives or girlfriends without then having babies? Well, they better be ready to suit-up with condoms at all times (Latex allergy and in a monogamous relationship? Tough shit, sunshine.) and support their women financially because their women cannot have their strumpet-tablets in Arizona and keep their jobs.

Of course, men don’t need to take birth control pills, so they will never have to experience medical violation for themselves. Not that this is unfair to women, or anything. Nope. It is completely reasonable that only one gender have to prove they aren’t trollops. I am sure men will have to prove that their vasectomies are for sound medical reasons, or that their Viagra prescription is for procreative sex only. I totally trust the AZ legislature to be rational and evenhanded on this.

I am sure we can all see how necessary, how VITAL, it is for employers to know if the women working for them are dirty floozies. You can’t let stupid bitches have birth control or they’ll spread for anybody. Can you imagine a world so horrible that a woman has sex for pleasure, rather than at a man’s behest in patriarchy-approved situations? Chattel. They have gotten this uppity notion they are fully autonomous human beings, just like they had a penis or something, and it must be stopped for their own good. It is the job of the employer and the government to help these ignorant tramps get their asses back into line, where they will be happier and more fulfilled, no matter what they say they want. Women just cannot be trusted with decisions regarding their bodies, y’all.

Moreover, controlling women’s access to reproductive services is a civil rights issue. You just can’t live in a place where the freedom of the employer to try and control every aspect of the employee’s life is in any way curtailed. It is positively un-American.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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One Response to Fire the sluts!

  1. Robin S. says:

    This is so completely insane, I don’t even know where to start. OMG.

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