The War on Women

You know, for a political party that is currently denying and trying to clean up the PR nightmare that it’s out to get women’s rights and restore patriarchal control over chattel, the GOP is not helping itself by refusing to sign off on the Violence Against Woman Act, which has historically passed with lavish bipartisan support, because the new Act includes (among other things) “stalking” as a form of domestic violence.

Seriously, that is not the way you want to go about convincing fiscally conservative but socially moderate women that you are on “their side”. Women, especially single mothers, largely vote for Democrats to begin with. Your antics are not wooing them back and it is probably alienating a lot of women who do not have an Ann Coulter (who thinks women should not be allowed to vote) level of devotion to the GOP and hatred for their fellow women. GOP, there simply aren’t enough women in the Quiverfull movement, where women pledge to the “Christian” submission to their husbands and eschew birth control, to win you elections. Nor can the GOP count on all the guys. Turns out a lot of men are pro-women and anti-patriarchal oppression.

Like this guy.



And like my Sweet Babou.

Y’all, it is wonderful to be married to a real man.

Anyway, the GOP needs to regroup, jettison it’s far right nut jobs, and head back to Eisenhower … or at least Reagan for Christ’s sake. The modern GOP crazies don’t want to even admit that Reagan raised taxes 12 times or that he legalized almost 3 million immigrants, as though they could deny reality itself. People, when you’ve started to make Reagan look like a hippy, you have drifted to far to the right. The whole country has drifted too far to the right! In terms of voting record, Obama is far more like Nixon than Kennedy.

I wouldn’t mind the rightward shift so much if it wasn’t out to get me because of my filthy girly bits.


About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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7 Responses to The War on Women

  1. I so despair. It’s like the GOP is stuck in an alternate universe, and talking a whole different language than the rest of us. Recently a journalist (CNN or Time, not sure) said, please, GOP pick Santorum as your candidate, because the only you’ll get back to reality is to lose by a landslide so phenomenally huge it’s either reform or die. (A loss with Romney as candidate would be rationalized by the Irrational Right as “he was too close to Obama”…and the madness would continue).

    It’s a looooong, looooooong, looooooong time to November.

  2. And yet the voters where I live will find a million reasons why you aren’t a Christian unless you vote republican. And, accordingly, if you aren’t a Christian you deserve whatever you get.

  3. Becky says:

    I live in fear that the GOP will pick Santorum as a candidate. They managed to shoehorn W into office *twice*. Santorum as the official Republican candidate would be way too close for comfort for me.

  4. grampus says:

    Have you seen this? It tells you how to knit a uterus (and other ladyparts), and suggests mailing it to Congress. Ha!

  5. hokeymcdokey says:

    The war on women?

    Sandra Fluke (real name) needs 3 large so she won’t get pregnant when she fucks, if she fucks.

    I mean, come on guys, give.

    • tinapj says:

      This comment makes no sense… But I am struggling to actually care that it doesn’t…

    • Betty Fokker says:

      My husband’s vasectomy was covered, in full, by his insurance. This was clearly to put a kibosh on any future fruit from his loins. No one claimed it was violating anyone’s “religious freedom”. Men have never been denied jobs, or fired, because they were pregnant. Nor do they need to be celibate to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant. Call me crazy, but I think that everyone, regardless of whether or not they are packing a uterus, should have equal treatment. That means women’s birth control, even when it isn’t “just” a health issue, should be covered.

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