Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday, but I don’t really want to ponder deeper religious matters. Well, except for the fact I’ve felt it was very, very weird to call a day that comments the horrific death of an innocent man “Good”. I always ponder that one. Wouldn’t “Sad Friday”, or “Sorrowful Friday” or “Pensive Friday” or “Tragic Friday” be more appropriate names?

I’ve got nothing much to report today. I’ve tried to steer away from political topics this week, because the state of things in the US depresses the hell outta me. The fact so many people don’t know, or don’t care, or believe the flat out lies they are told, depresses me even more. Racism doesn’t depress me as much as it makes me incandescent with rage, but it still depresses me plenty. I’ve needed a break from bleak news. Call it a mental health week.

In cute news, the Baby Spock, who is really the Toddler Spock but remains a Baby in my head, dammit, has figured out how to pry the keys off the keyboard of the computer. We caught her red handed, and she looked at us with an angelic grin and said, “I’m fixing it!”. We think this bodes well for a career in engineering in her future, because we don’t know ANY engineers who didn’t take shit apart all the time as kids. How else were they going to see how it worked?

That’s about it. The only downside of a happy, fulfilling life is that it doesn’t lend itself to blogging. Right now I could really use a mushroom booby, but God saves lawn boobies for better bloggers than myself. Sure, I found a potato that looked vaguely like Newt Gingrich, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I peeled it and turned it into au gratin. I keep hoping for the image of something interesting on toast, but that never happens to me either.

I have my first optometrist appointment in 15 years today, but I hope nothing interesting will come of it. You never want to be something “interesting” to the medical profession. It is seldom good.

Happily, I have a couple of fascinating links to direct you to this weekend, and on Monday I can blog about Easter. But after that it is probably gonna be ranting again. Unless I get a mushroom booby.

Or find porn fruit.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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7 Responses to Good Friday?

  1. Robin says:

    I started laughing out loud when I read ‘Mushroom Booby’ and my teenage son wanted to know what was soooo funny. He started groaning and shaking his head, “Ok, OKAY, I know what you’re talking about!” Apparently parents aren’t supposed to find mushroom boobies funny!

  2. KdotLdot says:

    Loved the pic of the porn fruit.

    What I understand is that Good Friday can be blamed on the Germans. Apparently it is supposed to be called God’s Friday, but somewhere in the Germanic translations God became Good.

  3. Amitatuq says:

    Damn. Now I want a mushroom booby.

  4. I wonder if I could grow a passion fruit tree in NJ. Hmmmm.

  5. I love your rant. I understand why you need to take mental health breaks, though. The blindness of people is just so depressing.
    On the amusing plant topic, actually this is more amazing – in the little artists colony of Madrid, NM, there was a man, not sure of his name or if he’s still there – who grew gourds in the shape of the Virgin of Guadalupe. He charged a fortune for them because he only got one or two per crop. He grew them into a mold and sometimes he would pick them too soon and they wouldn’t be filled out or not pick them soon enough and they would burst.

  6. lora96litdiva says:

    go spock i love her defense of repair! she so has a future either as an engineer or a publicist since she can spin doctor an act of destruction

  7. Luna says:

    Good also means “holy” and “sacred”.

    You know what I like about Good Friday? The hope. The sense of God’s love prevailing through the worst of what humanity can do. We killed his perfect son and He said, “I love you.” Someone so much as looks at my son funny and I’m ready to tear him a new asshole. God’s seriously impressive. :)

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