National Health Care v/s Plutocracy

You know how the right wing is howling that the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, AKA “Obamacare”, will destroy the country with its socialist agenda? You know how they are willing to lie and say that Obamacare has “death panels” to drum up fear and resistance to something that is beneficial to the Average Person? You know how the far right decries Obamacare as unnecessary, because there is nothing wrong with the American health care system; it is “the best in the world”?

Well, let’s just skip over how much Obamacare has helped Americans, and ignore things like the fact already insured Americans will receive more than a BILLION DOLLARS in rebates, and other fine things. Let’s just look at the far right claim that American health care is unequaled. Hmmm.

Actually, according the World Health Organization, France and Italy tied the best health care system on the planet, while the USA ranked #37 , and a recent WHO study showed America at the very bottom when compared to other industrialized nations, including the UK, Canada, and Germany. We must spend a lot less money than France, Canada, Germany, and the UK to get such crap-ass scores, right?



Wait, what? Other countries have much better care at a much lower price? France spends less that 1/2 of what we do and it’s the best? Then why in the hell aren’t we adopting that system? It’s almost as if there are greedy forces behind the scenes coaxing or politicians into behaving counter to the interests of their constituents in order to further pad the bloated profits of the insurance industry. But that cannot be! Next you will be saying that the industrial-health complex dumps big wads of cash into the pockets and re-election funds of politicians to influence them!

Maybe it is the greedy health care workers, like physicians, who are raking in such heinous profits at the expense of the American people? Except the real wages of doctors have been declining. Hmmm. Is there any other facet of health care which has grown exponentially that might explain the ridiculously inflated costs?

By golly, there is!


If I were a suspicious person, I would think that American insurance companies and the industrial health complex were run by a bunch of people who don’t actually do ANYTHING to help the patients, yet still feed off of sick people like ginormous disgusting ticks. I would even speculate that they were the only people who really stood to lose by the implementation of Obamacare, or better yet a single payer public system like they have in most European countries, and that those same asshats were pumping money into slimy far-right politicians in order to protect themselves. My gracious, I would even think that the resistance to the Affordable Health Care Act was a cynical ploy to protect the mega-wealthy plutocrats by stirring up and exploiting the fears of American citizens.

Good thing I have conflated patriotism with submission to the plutocratic agenda, and will now make a jingoistic display by wrapping myself in a flag and burying my head in the sand! Otherwise I would be calling the far right a bunch of Mammon-worshiping goat-blowers, and that would make me unladylike.


About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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One Response to National Health Care v/s Plutocracy

  1. I’ll be unladylike for you – the far right are a bunch of mammon-worshipping goat-blowing bastards. And yet most of my below poverty level neighbors are going to vote for them in November. Idiots.

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