Brainstorms and swimming

Summer camp is, thus far, thrilling the small Fokker girls. They love it, and Lilo was up a dawn this morning in her eagerness to get back. Stitch greeted me at pick-up yesterday with the words, “I love this summer camp! It’s awesome!” Her praise made Spock so excited that she started squeaking, “Awesome! Awesome!” repeatedly. There was much rejoicing.

I, of course, brought Lilo to camp armed for educational bear; lot’s of info on Asperger’s and why they should be nice to her if she went bugnuts. Turns out to have been unnecessary. Both the theater camp counselors  knew her. Mandy had been one of Lilo’s regular camp counselors last summer and knew the drill.  Randy had been one of the teen assistant directors for the play Lilo was in last February and remembered her well.

This made me very happy.

When I picked Lilo up, I asked them how she did. They said she did great, especially during the brainstorming session. Then Randy added, “Lilo’s brainstorms usually involve lighting and thunder … and the occasional downed tree.” Yep. That’s an apt way to put it.

As usual, Stitch’s counselors poured praise on her. Her charm rays have penetrated deeply into their frontal cortex already, and she holds them in thrall, just like the rest of her minions. She’s going to be the best totalitarian overlord ever.

Spock is doing fine at home here with her Mommy. She mostly entertains herself, but she has a few games which require my assistance. For example, there is the game where she stands on a small blue stepstool and cries out, “Oh no! I’m stuck!” That’s my cue to “rescue” her by extending my hand and letting her grasp it so she can, theatrically, “leap” to the safety of the floor. She then runs around joyfully exclaiming, “I’m free! I’m free!”.

As for me, the editing is going well. I’m having to fill in gaps in places, where the Goddess of Editing alerts me that I have made a statement and just assumed the reader knows WHY something X must be so. Fortunately, I remember where I read the evidence, so it’s moving along at a good clip. More worrisome is my incorrect use of punctuation. I thought I had a good grasp of semi-colon and colon use, but it is nothing compared to the grasp exerted by a woman who got her Ph.D in literature from a very prestigious school in the United Kingdom. That woman is a punctuation vice, that’s how good her grasp is.

I’m also trying to follow the Wisconsin recall election today, since I despise Scott Walker’s misogynistic policies and his union-busting agenda. Since I found out he abandoned and emotionally brutalized his college girlfriend when he got her pregnant, I despise him on a personal level as well. He totally sucks goat dick.

Now, I have to go rescue a princess from the evil clutches of a blue footstool. Because I am that kind of hero, y’all.


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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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4 Responses to Brainstorms and swimming

  1. oh i think the blue stepstool may be the cutest game evah!

  2. oh i have to share this off topic story with the fokker:

    Last night dh and I were discussing his sister who has an interim political position and was slammed in local press for being a “feminist” because she is pregnant and working.

    “I never thought of her as a feminist.” I remarked.
    “She’s really not. I think she leans more conservative.” Dh concurred.
    “Well she is definitely more conservative than I am.” I replied.
    “Honey, FRANCE is more conservative that you are.” Dh shot back. Ah he knows me well.

  3. Robin S. says:

    Oh, to have a small one to rescue from the evil blue stepstool! I still have mine in the kitchen and we still actually use it. (A “Step 2” – playschool, I think) However, I have one in college and Spider Bait will be a senior in high school next year. Sniffle. Enjoy these times while you can.

  4. Just wanted to say – I don’t follow a whole lot of blogs, and I often “save up” my blog post reading until, well, 12:07 Wednesday morning when I should be asleep, instead of working on masters’ coursework or facebooking or coming up with another incomplete draft to put up on my blog. (Seriously: 20 drafts, and I can’t make ONE of them presentable?!)

    But your blog is a warm ray of sunshine (pleasant kind, not Houston-in-July kind. Trust me).

    Sometimes, while reading them, I ACTUALLY LOOK FORWARD to having kids. And coming up with intensely descriptive one-word epithets for them. And saving them from evil blue stools.

    So yeah, thanks :)

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