Pseudo-Christian Asshat CEO? How Rare!

Occasionally one gets to watch the antics of a true asshat; a man who is such a douche that he cries vinegar and water. Even I, hardened to the perfidy of asshats as I am, was stunned by the sheer asshattery of his behavior. It was asshattery so hyperbolic that it bordered on caricature. I was, frankly, impressed. It takes some doing to look like a bigger dickweed than Mitch McConnell.

So who was this monumental asshat, you ask? His name is Ryan Tate and he is the CEO of Tate Publishing, a “Christian” publishing house that is actually, in spite of their protests to the contrary, a scabby little vanity press. He is supposedly a Christian, although I suspect his true vocation is to Mammon. It true that all his very public look-at-me prayers invoke Jesus, but Christ is one of the red herrings most commonly used by Mammon worshipers to distract from their perfidious mendacity, so I am skeptical of his theological bona fides. Anyway, Ryan Tate (theoretically) received an anonymous email asking him why he was getting everything set up to outsource jobs to the Philippines, when he had previously stated he was committed to his hard working staff in Oklahoma. This caused him such dismay that he went on an epic harangue and fired 25 innocent employees. Too bad the dumb motherfucker didn’t know one very smart employee was getting an audio tape of his bullshit tirade. Booyah!

Personally, I agree with people who have speculated that he sent himself the email so he could have an excuse to fire people prior to moving his exploitative business to the Philippines.  He seems like that kind of twatwaffle.  The blog “The Lost Ogle” also found out some things about Ryan Tate that blow massive goats. He’s one of the right-wing hypocrites who pulled himself up by his Daddy’s bootstraps, married GOP Barbie, and is rumored to cheat on her. I am only surprised he isn’t running for office somewhere as the Tea Bagger’s candidate of choice.

Plus, (and I usually don’t snark on people’s looks because I am a five at best) I have to say that his very appearance makes my skin crawl. He looks like Mr. Clean’s short serial-killer son:

Employees do not appreciate bullshit moves to get them fired. So they are airing out all of Tate’s dirty laundry, sometimes on official company sites. I find this to be greatness. I really, really hope this scandal and the wide dissemination of the news that Tate Publishing is a skanky vanity press out to bilk new authors are enough to bring his company down. Then he would get a taste of what unemployment feels like … that is, before his Daddy makes him another company with a different name. Looking for true justice on this earth is largely futile, but I am really hoping Karma gets this SOB before Mammon can save him.

I would like to see a little slice of just desserts.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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One Response to Pseudo-Christian Asshat CEO? How Rare!

  1. unkown betty says:

    Fokker, please guard your identity well. Asshats like this one are vindictive. He scares me, frankly. Be safe.

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