Happy Halloween!

The Fokkerlings are rejoicing in the opportunity to dress-up and maraud around the neighborhood in search of sweet loot. They love Halloween, and all it’s gory glory. They rush up to every door, trembling with excitement at the opportunity to shout “Trick or Treat” and they always say thank you for the yumminess dropped into their plastic jack-o-lanterns.  Those kids make me some kind of happy, y’all.

I hope there is a rescheduled Halloween trick-or-treating night for the kids in areas smashed by the Hurricane Sandy. I hate the idea of kids suffering even more disappointment.

Lilo & Stitch are both having a “Fall Party” in class today, whereas Spock’s class at the YMCA went ahead and had a “Halloween Party” because they’re a non-secular organization. Either way, I contributed pumpkin muffins. I made a LOT of muffins over the last few days. They are one of the very few things I can bake that people are glad to consume. Usually the only thing I make in my kitchen is a mess, or possibly acrid smoke. I even made a gluten-free batch for Lilo and myself, which turned out really well. Cup-for-cup gluten free all purpose “flour” makes it easy-peasy; I didn’t have to weight and measure tapioca and rice flour and whatnot, thanks be to God. Believe me when I tell you the fewer steps the less opportunity to screw up, vis-à-vis my culinary arts.

The girls are wearing warm costumes tonight, which is good since it will be hella chilly. Good thing I fight the gender binary of Halloween costumes, no? You know — where little girls are dressed in skimpier costumes than those offered to little boys, like so:


Seriously, WTF is wrong with having both kids is a blue cookie monster suit? Ah yes, it is to prepare them for a lifetime of that bullshit. For example, there is Scooby Doo for dudes:

scooby dude

And Scooby Doo for chicks:

scooby poo

I would argue that the costume should be renamed “Skanky Doo”, except it would be too “slut-shaming” for my taste. Still, I want to know why there isn’t a corresponding “Skanky Doo” for men, which would perhaps be a speedo sized manti with a tail and a matching blue collar.

Anyway, tomorrow I will post pictures of the Fokkerlings out on the sugar prowl. They will NOT be wearing overtly sexualized kiddie styles, as you may have guessed.

I hope you all have a safe, candy-filled, and spooky All Hallow’s Eve. 

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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6 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Dianne Wing says:

    I absolutely love your posts…<3

  2. If I were going to wear a costume, I’d be very tempted by this. I imagine it would be deemed relatively discreet by Ascot’s Ladies Day’s standards.

  3. Skye says:

    If I were going to go heavily sexualized, I wouldn’t fake it, I’d go as a Dominatrix. None of this “sexy nurse”, “sexy scooby doo”, etc. crap. Go for the real thing. Otherwise I’d actually wear a costume with real clothing.

  4. Trick or treating has been cancelled in our town – too many trees and wires down for it to be safe. I do hope it gets rescheduled!

    I’m with you (and Skye) on the overly sexualized costumes for girls. Please.

  5. Robin says:

    Trick or Treating is rescheduled here for this weekend. We’re already pretty much cleaned up since we weren’t hit as hard as the coast. The problem here is flooding and it’s still raining. I live on a hill and my yard is a bog. Eeew. And I’m with you on the costumes. Fortunately my daughter always wanted to be animals or ghouls or such. No tutus here!

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