In honor of Veteran’s Day I want to not only want to honor American military personal, I also want to express my awe for Corporal Carl Taylor, a 25 year old English soldier from Birmingham who was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery by the Queen just recently. Taylor rescued three trapped Afghani boys who were trapped by Taliban fighters. On more than one trip across open ground and under fire, he picked the boys up physically and carried them to safety, using his body as a human shield in his efforts to save their lives. The youngest of the boys was only three. The oldest was only seven. Their mother’s were watching, and I assume they were begging God to give Taylor a divine shield as he brought their children back to them. I can only imagine what those women were feeling as they watched Taylor, and then his platoon commander, Captain James Cook, with him on the second trip, running with those little boys in their arms. I can only imagine their gratitude.  I am grateful, as well, that the world has people of such worthiness in it. I’m sure we could all use a reminder of the compassion and bravery soldiers are capable of.

Corporal Taylor’s actions were indisputably the embodiment of the best of what soldiers can be. For him, and the others like him, I offer my humble thanks and continual prayers for their safety.



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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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One Response to Bravery

  1. I hadn’t heard that story. Thank you for sharing it. It really is an example of the best of what a soldier (or any of us) can be.

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