I can think of a least 2.66 Billion reasons to hate Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is a horrible, skanky company that funnels money into the maw of the most greedy, heartless family imaginable. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you will when you read how Wal-Mart defrauds the taxpayer to the tune of $2.66 BILLION a year just so it can sell Chinese made products to people impoverished by policies like the ones it uses, all so the Walton heirs can increase their $104 BILLION personal fortune who only began to give even a miniscule percentage of their wealth to charities out of a combination of ruthless self-interest and the fact they were publically shamed in a documentary which pointed out that they gave less than 1% of their profits in charity.  

In fact, that same documentary, the aptly named Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices, reveled a plethora of shenanigans, including the fact that Wal-mart is given an additional $1.8 Billion in taxpayer monies via tax abatements. It also costs the taxpayer big bucks by forcing the government to provide Medicaid to its substantially underpaid workers, which means Wal-mart gouges US citizens for another BILLION – which includes screwing taxpayers for $86 million in the state California alone.

Lately, Wal-mart employees have been trying to organize a union, so that Wal-mart would have to pay them a living wage and benefits instead of just continuing to siphon money off Uncle Sam via YOUR pockets. In response, the retail behemoth has been using its traditional tactic of intimidation and illegal surveillance to quash any movement toward unionizing by its workers. Wal-mart doesn’t just get most of its shit from China, it has adopted the Chinese government’s strategies for oppressing people. Nice one, Wally World!

The unionizing workers are threatening to fight back with a Black Friday walkout. Oh, but I hope they do, and I hope it hurts Wal-mart deep in its soulless bank account. 

People, try to avoid Wal-mart whenever you can. Shun them because they are the embodiment of everything Big Business is doing to destroy this country by its unchecked greed. Withhold patronage from the stores because you don’t think your taxes should go to make the Walton’s even richer. Spurn the store because of its violations against the health and safety of its workers, as well as its environmental atrocities.

Hell, if for no other reason boycott Wal-mart because Alice Walton’s museum has the original Norman Rockwell painting of Rosie the Riveter – a symbol of American’s industrial power and the workers it once employed — and that kind of hypocritical, unthinking gall needs to be punished.

Seriously, Wal-mart sucks.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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4 Responses to I can think of a least 2.66 Billion reasons to hate Wal-Mart

  1. Yes, yes, I hope you can spread the word and start a campaign. They suck big-time, and they are doing their best to leverage their way into the UK. Skanky, mean as angry boar Waltons, when will they realise, THEY CAN”T TAKE IT WITH THEM WHEN THEY GO. Argh, they make me sooooo infuriated. They should be boycotted out of existence and into bankruptcy because they screw their workers and their customers, and the book trade and everything they touch.

  2. Agreed. Been doing my best to avoid them for years. It can be difficult in a rural community but I will redouble my efforts.

  3. Reason #9186918603: They are opening for Black Friday shopping at 8pm on Thanksgiving.

  4. Alis says:

    I had a part-time job with them when my husband was laid off and I can attest to the skank first hand. During orientation you’re forced to sit through HOURS of “employees who try to unionize are endangering YOUR JOB!” training videos. It’s brainwashing at its worst. Add to that a conscious effort to keep hours below 30 so that no one would ever “qualify” for benefits, a trained “rat out your co-worker because it’s the only way to defend your own job” mentality, and a less-than-subtle-but-still-unproveable punishment system for people who dare to call in sick or take days off and you have a an astonishing PILE of skank to choose from. I can’t even walk in the doors of Wal-Mart now without watching the employees and feeling terrible for them.

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