I’ve been giving this some thought

I love blogging … I really do. It gives me an audience to rant to, it forces me to think, it is my only real outlet for creative writing, and I love reading the comments y’all leave. As a stay at home mom, it was once my only chance to get my wits out for an airing.

However, blogging is also a massive time sink. I know you are thinking, “How long can it take to throw a hissy fit about stuff and call some idiots a pack of asshats?”. It takes quite a while, in truth. I can’t just write the word “asshat” at random you know. I have to use it delicately. Does it work better in this sentence? That one? Should I use the word “twatwaffle” instead? These considerations take time.

Plus, I try to actually research my topic. Facts and shit can take for-fokking-ever to uncover sometimes. Those links have to be hunted down using Google-Fu and determination, which eats up the minutes. Then there is a pithy final sentence to construct. To be completely honest, I suck at the dismount.  It is really, really hard for me to stick the landing, so to speak. Too often I am left struggling to find the summation sentence, one that closes the post and doesn’t just wallow around at the end implying further paragraphs, for longer than it took me to write the rest of the whole damn post. That is time I am staring at the computer not doing laundry, which has not begun to magically do itself more is the pity. 

There is also the writing I am now doing under my mundane, academic name. That used to be way more spaced out, but now I have written a book and am working on another one. I have academic articles percolating, and they are simply not getting any farther than the stage where they rattle around in my skull. This is causing mental chaffing. I have my “grown-up-author” blog which I am neglecting. In short, I have limited time and way too many things I want to write about.

It is for all these many reasons that I feel I must begin to limit my blogging. Like, really limit my blogging.

*deep breath*

I am only going to be posting once a week now, on Saturdays, with occasional extras such as birthdays and whatnot. The format will be a bit of my usual snark, and a list of things I think might interest y’all with my brief and bitchy take on it.

Please believe that this is not something I am doing lightly. I’ve tried cutting corners in other areas. I don’t really comment on other people’s blogs anymore, even though I still read them dependably. I have radically cut down on the number of news sites I hit up for info. I only read Cracked once a week. I try not to linger overlong on Facebook. My kindle lies covered with dust, which is a tragedy for a bibliophile like me. God knows I have let my housework slide into the Slough of Untidy Uncleanliness. I’ve even told the kids to, “Hang on a minute! Mommy is typing!”, which makes me feel like a Bad Mommy and I then lose my train of thought so I might as well have stopped writing the first time they asked me to help them find where they left their water bottle like I was the last one to have it.

All of these efforts have (surprise!) not resolved my time crunch. Thus, the new posting regime.


About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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16 Responses to I’ve been giving this some thought

  1. Selina says:

    As long as you don’t quit entirely (am being selfish I know) then I’m glad you’ve come to a decision to do what will suit you the best

  2. I support your doing what is best for you. I sure will miss your well researched take on things, though. But maybe I’ll stop being lazy and research myself.
    Isn’t it sad that there are only 24 hours in a day?

  3. Sorry to hear — but can completely, completely understand! I will have to go through rant-withdrawal now… (smile)

    • Actually, it occurred to me after I sent the above that I often wondered how you had both the time and the energy to do the well-researched and well-documented rants that you did. (Being a researcher myself, I have a pretty good idea how much time that cost you for each post…) So I guess this was not a surprise after all! But will be sorry to only get my rant fix once a week!

  4. I will miss your near daily dose of snark, but totally understand. You will have a little more time when they are all in school full-time, but, I warn you, you will ONLY have the time when they are in school. I can make appointments, meet with people, whatever, during school hours, but after that all bets are off. I find myself mumbling, “Today is Wednesday, Rachel has a meeting after school, Todd has a dentist appointment so he won’t be home for dinner, Joshua has gymnastics, I need to get the cross country uniform washed for tomorrow, etc. etc. “

  5. Uh huh. What Betty Bear said. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog in the minutes I have available, which is generally only when I’m sitting in the car waiting for Five’s bus. I understand the languishing blog phenomenon (she said, as hers called out “Hey, this story is stale, can we have a new one?) But, hey! Real writing is pretty awesome, at least as important as the mommy thing, so good on you. Thanks for sharing the snark and research this whole time. I’ll miss you.

  6. I too will miss your daily rant. As an aside the word Twatwaffle has entered my subconscious vocabulary and will remain there as a homage to Betty Fokker. However, I understand your dilemma re the time suck of blogging. If there is such a thing a virtual dust, my blog is covered in it.
    Looking forward to a more distilled Fokker.

  7. Nat says:

    Well, since you’re not leaving us completely…. No longer will I be able to just say “yeah! what SHE said!” I may have to learn to use my own words! I do hope that you find some peace and can take a big breath and enjoy the time with your family.

  8. Skye says:

    Time is limited and your writing is a precious resource. So once a week will have to do for us, as long as you are able to do what calls to you. I’m glad your other writing is going so well! Yay!

  9. I totally understand where you are coming from!

    Re the fat thing, here are two articles I found very interesting:



    (The slate article links to the tara parker pope one). Speaking as a yo-yoing weighty person, the science in the second one was dismaying. But certainly matched my own experience. Sigh.

  10. Braless Betty says:

    With all good things that end (or in this case just a reduction), I say, we had a good run. I really don’t know how you did it for as long as you did, it was an amazing amount of output. And you don’t know how many times I almost told people that they better watch it or they’ll get Fokked in the ear hole. I keep that term in my inside voice vocabulary because, well, they wouldn’t have a clue what the warning meant. But hey, thanks for the memories!

  11. I enjoy your blog greatly and will be checking in weekly to see what you have posted. We know you are one busy fokker and appreciate the time you can give us. Do what works for your family, obvs. Also I, too, have wondered when the hell you had time to find all that info and link to it. I myself and more of a lazy diva.

  12. Janice says:

    You will be missed, but you have set your priorities and that takes wisdom and guts. I couldn’t even keep up with my twitter account, never mind following others, and the La Sirena pages often go neglected for days or even weeks at a time. I’ve noticed a lot of us regular posters in the fb groups world slowly petering out lately, too, as people give more time to other priorities. I will take your example and cut down on my reading/commenting in order to devote time to my writing and seminars that are currently rattling around in my head and/or scribbled on scraps of toilet paper in my bedside table (hey, I keep it there for nose blowing, no need for fancy tissues!). I look forward to hearing about your academic articles and the next book! Mwah!

  13. lunarmom says:

    WEBS! You know how much I adore you, so do what you must.
    Also, when are you moving over here anyway?! I want to sit down and chat in person, dammit.

    Are you here yet?

    Are you here YET?!

    Big loves,

  14. I respect you putting your family as priority number one. I’ll be right here waiting for your next post mama.

  15. Yeah, I always think a post won’t take me long to write, but really they take, as you say, forfokkingever. Totally understand. Best of luck and good vibes to your mommying and academic self!! :-D

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