Gimme feedback on this, people

Things are moving along here at the Fokker’s residence. I am still having panic attacks, which sucks, but I have an appointment with a doctor soon that will hopefully result in medical help combating them. Sweet Babou just got a Dexcom G4 blood sugar monitor and he is happy as a clam to get closer to an A1C below 7 and potential cyborg status. Lilo and Stitch are both doing well academically, although Sweet Babou and I am worried Lilo is getting to be too close with a friend who has bullied her in the past. We are working on that situation, because I am afraid the girl is only being nice to Lilo for now, in the hopes of manipulating and bullying her more effectively in the future. Stitch’s only problems are a steadily developing knee-jerk reaction to lie like a rug if she is possibly in trouble (a smart kid flaw if ever there was one) and a newfound sadness that darker skin is “prettier” but she doesn’t have it (to help this I’ll either explain the privileges that come with her pearlescent complexion or I’ll buy her some damn Barbies; maybe both). Spock has become the Queen of Enunciation. For example, when her hands are dirty she comes to me and says, “I am a mess. I need a washcloth.” Each word is carefully said with no blurring into the next word, Data style. Imma fascinated with this trait, since she did NOT get it from me. Her only derivations occur when she is really excited and pronounces “am” and “look” as “yam” and “yook”. 

Now, it is on to the Shit I think y’all should know section:

Barak Obama has won reelection, and I sincerely hope he listens to Paul Krugman’s advice about the bullshit “grand bargain”. Especially since the majority of us voted for Obama in the hope he would NOT do something as asinine as cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Speaking of the election, the voting majority of Americans were so disgusted over the GOP’s new far-right extremist agenda that the Republicans would have lost the House as well as the Senate if it had not been for an insane amount of gerrymandering. Not to put too fine a point on it, “53,952,240 votes were cast for a Democratic House candidate compared to 53,402,643 cast for a Republican; in other words, over half a million more Americans voted for Democratic House candidates than for Republican candidates”. That is no insignificant number.

Part of the reason the numbers were so pro-Democratic is because of the issue of birth control and women’s autonomy. Women in America are overwhelmingly in favor of controlling their own reproduction, which showed in a double-digit lead among women for the left.  Moreover, the abortion debate is not as black and white as the far-right would have it seem. Even those who think a baby is the same thing as an embryo think that there should be exceptions to save the life of the mother, or possibly in cases of incest or rape. Saying that exemptions for the mother’s health are mere loopholes to let hussies get abortions or that women cannot get pregnant from a legitimate rape or that a pregnancy from rape was something God intended to happen does not win you the women’s vote, sunshine.

What happens when the life of the mother is ideological placed as inferior to the life of the fetus showed up in stark relief in Ireland this week. A woman named Savita Halappanavar was denied an abortion in Ireland and it directly  caused her death. She was having a miscarriage, and even though the fetus she was miscarrying could NOT survive, as long as it had a heartbeat her doctors decided that as Catholics they could not intervene to end the pregnancy. Thus, the doctors waited for DAYS until the fetus died, days in which Savita Halappanavar was suffering physical and emotional agony, before they would help her. The asshats helped her too late, though, since she died of septicemia because she had been forced to carry a nonviable pregnancy for days after she requested a termination. Her life as a woman was NOT AS IMPORTANT  as the life of a nonviable fetus. Think about that.

In other news, (God, there is so MUCH that I have an opinion about) Hostess is going under. Of course, the company was quick to blame the mean ol’ unions and their bitchy demands for a living wage and other girly shit like that. However, the plot thickened when the mean ol’ unions pointed out the executive shenanigans like giving “the company’s top four executives raises of between 75 and 80 percent, even though the company had already hired restructuring lawyers”. These are same execs that wanted the workers to take a “8% wage cut in the first year, new pension plan restrictions and a 17% increase in health care costs for employees”, and thus causing the strike, BTW. In fact, “Missteps by a private-equity firm, hedge funds and managers since burdened the company, despite its more than $2 billion in annual sales” rather than the mean ol’ unions.  Unions didn’t piss away Hostess profits, y’all. Twatwaffles in suit did that.

Until, next Saturday – adieu.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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9 Responses to Gimme feedback on this, people

  1. sheri says:

    In the “shit I think ya’ll should know” section- there are only 5 paragraphs. I need at least 6 so I can space out my Fokker-fix throughout the entire week- one paragraph at a time.

  2. Go Spock!
    As for Lilo, I have seen far too many sweet girls (and it’s usually girls, btw) drawn inexorably into the destructive web of the cruel and irresistible personality of a born leader who uses her powers for evil. They are easy to locate, these queen bees–they attract many otherwise capable and happy girls into their orbits of horror and no amount of “anyone who treats you like that isn’t really your friend” can un-brainwash them….Good luck and try all you can to bolster her confidence in the things she’s good at. As for Stitch, I still lapse occasionally into smart kid bullshitting to get what I want/get out of what I don’t want.

    Love the lovely post. Excelente!

  3. Skye says:

    I hope you get just what you need from the doctor.

    Excellent post, as we can always get here from you. I love the stories about your girls and I hope that Lilo isn’t being taken for a ride by that girl. I think I’ve finally gotten out of the habit of lying to get out of trouble/avoid it and just telling the truth about my mistakes, but it hasn’t been that long since I still did that occasionally. It’s such a dreadful habit, but I understand it so well.

  4. “Smart kid flaw” Yup. We have it here. I remember several VERY SERIOUS conversations about trust and the loss thereof and the extreme difficulty in regaining said trust that helped. Also helped that I separated the punishment for the bad deed and the punishment for lying. And made sure the lying consequences were really what my kids considered harsh. You know, loss of screen time for two weeks, stuff like that. Good luck!

    The hell that girls can inflict on each other; Satan could take lessons. Just keep on keeping on with the loving from home.

  5. I have been waiting patiently all day for the time when I could see what you have to say and it was worth the wait!
    Sorry about the panic attacks. Hope the doc can help.

  6. JavaDavis says:

    Feedback? Sure.
    First, I like the “family first” format of your post; it serves as a reminder, when I come here for my Fokker fix, why it will be once a week now.
    Politics: I wish I felt like *anything* I do might have an effect on politics. We have had some luck contacting our senators for little issues here and there, but I think they are working toward using unlisted numbers.
    On the Irish, God bless Marian Keyes! She repeatedly brings up the issue in her books. Her characters have real lives which sometimes requires real terminations. God bless you for passing this one on. (yeah, those doctors deserve punishment – any suggestsions?)
    I read about the Hostess thing recently. When I got to the part about the overpaid executives being even more severely overpaid I kinda lost it. Also read that these executives are now taking $1 in pay for the year, until the end of the year. I read that as “I am so damn rich that I can afford to go without pay for a year – oh, and the takeover company promised they would make it up to me at the end of the year as long as I let them in to eat the workers’ pension accounts and bankrupt my company. God, I love my job!”
    Deep breath, keep on with life.

  7. BarbN says:

    I appreciate that you want our feedback, but this is your blog and it matters more what works for you than what works for us. That said, this is a great post and kept us updated on all the pertinent stuff. Hope the anxiety attacks subside soon.

  8. Robin S. says:

    I totally understand about the time sink for the blogs. I had to cut back severely several months back because it just took too much time. I will still be heading here for my portion of snark every week. Good luck at home.

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