Giving Thanks

We had a great Thanksgiving here at the Fokker’s! We had friends over (which is often much easier than bio-family) and they brought the lion’s share of the food. Sweet Babou, master of the turkey derrick, once again donned the Gobbler Hat and deep fried the well-brined bird, so I didn’t have to do that. Basically, all I had to do was get the house presentable and peel the potatoes. Since my Mom was up for a visit (Daddy had to work and Mom came up alone rather than sit at home with the sads) and she extrudes Scrubbing Bubbles from her butt so that wherever she walks there is a snail trail of cleanliness, even the house cleaning was not an issue for me. Easy For Me is pretty much my definition of a good Thanksgiving Dinner, y’all.

In the spirit of the Original Thanksgiving, once my friends brought all the food and cooked it and helped me … I killed them and took their land, Pilgrim Style.

I’m joking, of course, but there is a reason my kids are the ones giving reports about Thanksgiving that include the words “genocide” and “land theft”. I don’t want my kids to be one of the millions of oblivious idiots who ignore the fact that America’s history if concurrent with the eradication of the indigenous population, some groups of whom were annihilated completely. 

On the day after Thanksgiving, the notorious shopping madness known as “Black Friday”,  I kept my butt at home. Not only do I regard the idea of merging into a throng of teeming consumers to be right up there with a pap smear from Captain Hook in terms of “fun time”, I abstained for socio-political reasons as well. Because that is how I roll.

Seriously, we are being trained from birth to be mindless consumers in search of happiness that is ephemeral and never satisfying. This has very little positive effect on individuals, but certainly does a great deal of harm on both people and our culture. It helps reinforce the message that stuff = worth and the less stuff people have the less worth they have. The poor are devalued steadily by these ideologies, so much so that they are all too frequently treated subhuman burdens rather than members of our society.  There is a reason Jesus was always ranting about the fact that money wasn’t anywhere NEAR as important as how you treated your neighbors; the love of money will drain you of your decency and compassion.

Although I shopped no where yesterday, I particularly did NOT shop at Wal-Mart. Not only does Wally World suck dog anus in general, it’s workers are starting to fight back and I want to support their Black Friday strike efforts. This is causing Wal-mart to have a conniption. Imagine if they had to pay their workers enough money that they didn’t need food stamps from the government! Oh noes! Ironically, Wal-mart filed “unfair labor practices” charges against the striking workers. That’s like Donald Trump calling women “ugly”. You laugh because you are too stunned by the audacity of an ebony pot calling a slightly sooty kettle black to cry. Faux News is also throwing a hissy fit and is actually running propaganda infomercials “brought to you by Wal-Mart” because they can no longer hide their contempt for their viewers.

Even though some people certainly did boycott Wal-mart and its shitty treatment of its employees, far too many actually entered the doors of that hell. There was the usual riots for cheap material goods that would obsolete and distained by the owners in a couple of months, and it literally sickens me. See those people hurting each other to get to towels? Jesus wept.

Speaking of people behaving badly … there has been one or two interesting developments in politics:

In a level of asshattery and hypocrisy that boggles even MY mind (and I am somewhat well versed in the hypocritical asshat spotting department), a bunch of far-right dipshits in the Michigan legislature want to abolish their states version of the Earned Income Tax Credit which allows deductions for actual children, but also want to GIVE that tax credit to fetuses. Because you are only a person until you are born!

The Banking Industry is taking a much needed break from it busy rounds of cheating, lying, and foreclosing on cancer patients to focus on fighting Elizabeth Warrens potential appointment to the Senate banking committee. They are afraid that she might, you know, regulate them and keep them from destroying people’s lives with their unchecked greed and shady deals. Poor little banks. Someone might ask them to give back the Trillions Of Dollars they got from Uncle Sam. Yeah, I think I see the real socialism and “moochers” America has to deal with.

And finally, I think I will start blogging regularly again. I miss it more than I thought possible. I am not getting other writing done because Fokker-writing is running amok in my noggin. I miss your comments. I cannot use the word twatwaffle on my other mundane blog, which is STILL getting neglected. Plus, it is not like I am getting some uninterrupted writing time. Even on Saturdays during my “Mommy Is Typing” I am pulled away every three minutes by someone who really, really needs me to find their left sock or remember where they left their book or whatnot. I’m going to try blogging only during the week and writing the new book on the weekends. Let’s see how that goes.

My housework is still going to get the shaft, tho. 

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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11 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Dianne Wing says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving tale to date. You rock.

  2. KellyR says:

    Always give housework the shaft. That’s my motto.

  3. Ok I loved “we killed them and took their land Pilgrim Style” because I struggle so much to teach the “pilgrim” unit with the rest of second grade but always lapse into “Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning and some weird looking people had moved into your garage with all their friends and said this was their land now because you don’t count because you are not purple like they are!”
    Also, I have missed deeply the fokkerization of our headlines and need you to keep me informed on current events so I don’t watch the news and go into a weeping panic attack over kids getting kidnapped and shit.

  4. bethanylcm says:

    Sounds like a good Thanksgiving. I got told that listening to comedy about how women send mixed messages at the gym is just part of someone being “blue collar” and me being offended is just me being too PC, that me wanting American workers to get a guarunteed day off each week is not only nothing like them wanting to bring back blue laws and close all businesses on Sunday (because “that’s an American tradition!”) And somehow is something I want “others” to pay for. But all of that doesn’t compare to “I’m part Indian so I hate when people pull that pc crap, it was so long ago and obviously not genoside!” When I stated that the original Americans might have shared her feelings about immigrants once our ancestors started killing them all.

    And then they wonder why we don’t want to go camping with them where I won’t even have wifi to distract me from the murder urges. I just keep telling myself to be thankful my boyfriend has a dad and stepmom who love him even if they are a bit unusual…

  5. Skye says:

    Excellent Thanksgiving post! Best of the web, I’m sure. I love that your children include “genocide” and “land theft” in their thanksgiving reports, too. Real history needs to be learned so it won’t be repeated, dammit.

  6. lunarmom says:

    A bountiful round-up! And yipee for the feast, including some REAL history. (Yeah, my kids were the ones who said those things in their classrooms, it was awesome.)

    Housework? Pshaw, the place will be tidy for DAYS after Mom goes home. And then, she’ll come visit again soon. It’s all good.

    (I like that you came back to us. We DID miss you. But if you need to do a sort of not-quite-so-daily thing, we’d understand that too.)

  7. dancingcrow says:

    I welcome your projected return to blogging – I check your page daily just in case you’ve changed your mind, so a large number of your visits in recent weeks might have been me… Not stalking, just, well, checking.

  8. Robin S. says:

    Love your Thanksgiving posts! And I do like the idea of having more Fokker again. (Says someone who has let life totally get in the way of ‘her’ blog…ugh)

    I don’t know if this would work for you or not, but one of the things I used to do with my kids when I was busy was set a timer, 15 or 30 minutes, and the kids couldn’t bug me until it went off. I would take a 10 minuter, solve problems and get tea, and then set the timer again. Alot of the time they would run in, see the timer was still ticking, harumph, and then go solve the problem themselves. Good luck!

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