Gangam Style

Considering that you are reading this on the internet, there is a good chance you have seen the video of Gangam Style, a song by Korean hip-hop singer Psy.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to enjoy it. The tune is almost unendurably catchy and the video, which has almost a BILLION viewings, is extremely funny. My girls love the song. I love it. There is lots of pretend pony riding going on in this house.

However, Faux News pundit Bill O’Reilly, who doesn’t know there is a scientific explanation for tides and who has the harasses his ex-wife’s new boyfriend in a creepy stalker way, doesn’t like it. Not one little bit. That song is just gibberish! It is “without intelligible words”! O’Reilly knows he is right about this because Keith Ablow (the dipshit who declared Newt Gingrich’s skanky lack of morals was a GREAT reason to elect him as president) told him Gangam Style is just nonsense that is symptomatic of “the fact that people don’t want any meaning right now. It is just is sort of like a drug and that seems to be what most people seem to want right now. Not reality, not feeling, not meaning.”

Now, there is just one little teensy weensy flaw in their argument. The words to Gangam Style are not fictional polysyllables. THEY ARE FUCKING WORDS IN THE KOREAN LANGUAGE. See, the artist who sings it lives in South Korea. He sings in Korean. Korean is a real language even though it isn’t English! Around 78 million people speak Korean. Just because two English-speaking twatwaffles cannot understand the Korean words that does NOT mean that the lyrics are “without intelligible words”. Those words are completely intelligible to the people who speak Korean.

How ethnocentric and entitled do you have to be to discount any language not your own as “without intelligible words”?

Moreover, those words — which are clearly understood by Korean speakers — are subtly ripping a new asshole in Mammon. Gangam is a wealthy area of South Korean, and Psy’s song treats it as:

“a symbol of that aspect of South Korean culture. The neighborhood is the home of some of South Korea’s biggest brands, as well as $84 billion of its wealth, as of 2010. That’s seven percent of the entire country’s GDP in an area of just 15 square miles. A place of the most conspicuous consumption, you might call it the embodiment of South Korea’s one percent. “The neighborhood in Gangnam is not just a nice town or nice neighborhood. The kids that he’s talking about are not Silicon Valley self-made millionaires. They’re overwhelmingly trust-fund babies and princelings”.

Want to see a video that uses English words to do the same thing, Billo? Check out this parody video called Mitt Romney Style.  It may “speak” to you. Then again, you probably won’t get it, you self-important puffed up narcissistic asshat.

Shibal nom, Geseki!

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7 Responses to Gangam Style

  1. “How ethnocentric and entitled do you have to be to discount any language not your own as “without intelligible words”?”

    Rose Lerner recently reblogged a post which seems relevant to this. It contains a music video and a short discussion about

    What does English sound like to non-English speakers? After more than 40 years, Adriano Celentano’s “Prisencolinensinainciusol” remains one of the most illuminating examples.

    The song (once you get past the short introduction in Italian) really doesn’t have “intelligible words” but it sounds enough like US English that it might give people who are speakers of English an idea of what it feels like to listen to English-language songs when you don’t understand English.

  2. Robin S. says:

    OMG. This made me laugh my ass off. Heaven forbid he should sing in his own language! (note sarcasm)

  3. Becky says:

    There was only the slightest, most minuscule crumb of a reasonable idea in that back and forth between the two– why would a song be so wildly popular with a group of people who don’t understand that language? And I’m not sure if that’s where they were going and just got lost in Angry White Guy, or if that’s the meaning that I brought with me to the party. I wonder about that every once in a while. And then the song starts playing in my head again, and I go back to galloping around the house.

    What I particularly… appreciated? enjoyed? was the side trip into “I tried to sell a children’s book and nobody would buy it because everyone is stupid and hates meaning! Waaaaa!” No sour grapes there at all! And it certainly wasn’t because he was attempting to bash meaning into the head of the reader with a 2×4. It couldn’t be because the book was bad. It must be everyone else who is flawed. What a maroon.

    I know a woman who works as a clinic escort, and this summer she was talking about teaching her fellow escorts the dance so that they could gallop down the sidewalk as they protect the women coming and going from their clinic. I would be so down with that! (Bonus points, because it sounds like it would drive a few of their regular protesters completely insane!)

  4. O’Reilly arrogance knows no bounds!

  5. Just one little thing. It’s “gangnam”, not “gangam”.

  6. lora96litdiva says:

    what a creep. also, um, i don’t speak italian beyond the names of pasta but i can listen to opera and think it’s beautiful and never feel the need to DEMAND IT BE SUNG IN ENGLISH. Argh!

    Also, was just reading about the ballbusting Finnish educational system and how although their kids aren’t put in formal schooling till age 7 and only for half a day then, they are kickass readers because of…closed captioning. Their television is mostly old US sitcoms with finnish subtitles so there’s some serious motivation to read and read fast over there. Interesting…those unintelligible words…..

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