Foggy All Over

Today school was delayed for two hours because of heavy fog. It makes sense for the bus routes not to run until visibility is good again, because a child getting hit by a bus that didn’t see him/her would be a nightmare.  However, although I totally support the non-squished children option it does make the day weird for me.

For one thing Spock’s YMCA preschool (which is only 2 hours long) is canceled altogether. This pisses her off something fierce. She had play-doh to roll, dammit! There were finger paints! How dare I thwart her access to finger paints! My punishment for this betrayal is being subjected to mega-dose of whiney toddler. Fun times.

Then there is the fact that the disrupted routine fokks with my ADD (persistent inattentive type). Seriously, it fokks it in the earhole. I spend my days in a welter of disorganization and started-yet-not-completed cleaning projects, with bits of academic thought roaming through my frontal lobes like foraging flamingo, so I do NOT need a change in the norm. I am clinging to the norm by my fingernails and don’t want anything tugging on it, Thank You Very Much.  At any rate, I wind up spending the extra two hours wandering around trying to remember what I was doing next. I managed to get the kids dressed, groomed, fed, and their school supplies for the day in their backpacks AND remembered to have them actually TAKE the backpacks to school … so yay  me!

My day feels all weird now. It’s almost 12:30 PM and my brain keeps trying to tell me it is way earlier than that, especially with the grey light outside. I’ve got a lots of Christmas projects and whatnot to do, but I’m going to have to take an hour and try to clean the kitchen and do some laundry. There is ALWAYS more laundry.

Oh, the glamorous life of an author and mom.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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4 Responses to Foggy All Over

  1. Robin S. says:

    You must look at the bright side! (she announces in a preachy deep voice :) ) At least you weren’t due at the hospital for tests 45 min. after they were supposed to be gone! See, things COULD be worse! :) My day was shot to hell after that scramble!

    As for Spock, let her finger paint with whatever paints you have, acrylic or watercolor. That should keep her out of your hair for awhile. I invested in cheap plastic shower curtain liners for tossing on the floor during craft time. They can go around the table on the floor, taped to the table if you have a ‘good’ table, or you can just throw it on the floor and tell them all the fun stuff has to stay on the plastic. You can toss them in the wash machine or hose them down in the yard. On one of my daughter’s birthdays we had a surprise storm when we were supposed to be painting clay pots and potting geraniums. I shoved some furniture out of the way, threw 3 liners down across the livingroom floor, and brought paint, pots, dirt, flowers, and children into the house. It was cramped but fun. The parents thought I was nuts and talked about it for a week! “Did you really bring paint and dirt into your -livingroom-?” Yep, I surely did.

    Sending good vibes to help clear your head and get your day back for you. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. lunarmom says:

    Astrologically speaking, there’s a shit-ton of this going around. I know, I just had it happen again, today. Blergh. Thankgawd there’s always a tomorrow.

  3. I have been feeling definitely off kilter lately. Much more so than my usual insomnia-induced sleep-deprivation. Should we start a secret league of fog-walkers?

  4. Janice says:

    I feel you. It isn’t fun to be disorganised or off-plan when one needs to keep things under control in order to function. My list of various project deadlines and the mess that is my house (it actually smells really bad because of the dishes piled up in the sink) is now on hold because my brain has decided that the way to deal with it all is to do nothing. Yay! Keep chugging along. I’m cheering for you.

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