My Yule Log

Today is not only December 21, 2012 … today is the day people quit yammering on the intertubes about whether or not the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world. It did not. Move along now, nothing to see here.

marvin martian

Although the Mayans were not (duh) indicating anything other than the end of a time cycle called the Long Count, the Sandy Hook shooting is much on my mind today and I cannot help but hurt for the families who HAVE experienced the end of the world as they knew it. However, I’m going to write (and hopefully think) about other things, since my girls keep asking me why I am crying and I don’t want to have to talk about the fact nightmares can come true.

Today is also the midwinter solstice, AKA the shortest day of the year. There are many, many festivals and religious themed celebrations across the cultural spectrum that are used to celebrate the fact that this is beginning of winter. One of my favorites is Yule, from whence Christmas gets its Yule logs and making the yuletide gay. Jesus’s birthday was probably in March, but when Christians wanted to commemorate the birth of a God who would die and rise again, they knew Yule was the day to do it! As an Episcopalian who is very fond of her Christmas tree, I thank my ancient ancestors for their foresight in stealing a really good holiday.

Today is also (and this is important) a SNOW DAY. The frosty sky opened last night and snowflakes did fall and accumulate, and lo the Fokkerlings have no school this morn. This means I actually have time to blog and have much snuggles with my girls, but it additionally means that there are no school parties, no opportunities to give their teachers the Russell Stover’s chocolates I purchased as gifts, and I cannot go see The Hobbit with Sweet Babou this afternoon. Clearly it was a mixed blessing. Nevertheless the benefits (including eating the teacher’s chocolates) far outweigh the negatives, which means a generalized happy dance.

I hope you all find happiness today as well.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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8 Responses to My Yule Log

  1. Robin S. says:

    “…I thank my ancient ancestors for their foresight in stealing a really good holiday.” Love it. Happy Solstice!!

    Off topic. While reading your to do’s for the day I suddenly recalled my husband had a haircut today. Ummmm, GASP, in 10 minutes! He jumped up off the couch and ran out the door…

  2. Braless Betty says:

    I took the day off because pretty much none of my clients are working today and because my family has plans tomorrow so we will be celebrating my birthday today for which I will stuff my face with sushi for my birthday dinner. Then wash it all down with Saki. Booyah! I think I might have missed your Birthday Fokker, if so happy birthday to you!

  3. Awesome for you! Eat those chocolates with my blessing!
    As for the Hobbit, i believe my exact words to dh were “if i had carried on about not getting to go see Hunger Games the way you’ve bitched about missing the damn hobbit you would have had me committed to a qualified mental facility”
    In other words, we have no sitter and I don’t care about seeing it anyway. I have to be away from my precious pea for eight hours a day at work and I don’t need three hours of hairy footed persons cavorting on adventures to take me away from her.

  4. lunarmom says:

    Blessed and festive Solstice to you and yours!

  5. Dianne Wing says:

    Your blog was voted the most popular re-pin from my Pinerest Page – just wanted you to know <3

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