Good mental hygiene requires using truthpaste

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with the title. I just came up with a fairly clever pun and wanted to take it out for a spin. You’re welcome. Anyone know how to make those little meme cards?

Anyway, I am not very cogent today. My precious middle daughter, Stitch, has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and possible OCD. This give me a big, fat hella sad. Yes, anxiety is something both her parents and both her grannies have, but I still no likey that she got it.  Frankly, it makes me want to stomp around the house screaming “shit shit shit” and crushing bricks in my hands. Or, better yet, drag it out of her using Jedi power, turn it into some sort of solid monster, and slay that fucking thing because it is MESSING WITH MY BABY.

*rage seethe*

Right. We have a mommy/daughter appointment with her therapist tonight so mommy can watch and learn and be trained in interventions that will help her master this issue. Imma pay attention, y’all.

But for now, I am distracted by possibilities.  I decided to use this force for good by giving you guys some things it is good to know:

The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. Seriously. If I ever meet this woman I will lick her toes with fawning.

Speaking of authors, I want to give a shout out to my friends who have new/sale books out on kindle. This includes Robena Grant with The Blue Dolphin,  Sheri Dixon with Easterchicks Gone Bad, Sandy James with The Reluctant Amazon, Tacie Graves with Making Mina (be aware, red hot sex in that one!) and Kate George with Moonlighting in Vermont.

In other news, a nice elderly man from Wales physically dragged a shark away from some toddlers playing in the surf whilst he was on vacation in Australia. Tea and crumpets apparently give you huge testicles. Who knew?

And since we are on the topic of testicles (follow along here people), PBS and a newspaper in England have had the balls to actually run stories about what a travesty that not a single of the Wall Street Bazillionaires who fokked the US/World economy in the earhole has been charged, put on trial, or had his ass throw in prison, because the Obama administration is run by the same Mammon worshiping asshats as the the last 5 presidents.   No wonder the Far Right of the GOP want PBS destroyed. They still practice journalism over there, and the Republicans hate that.

The Republicans also hate President Obama, too. I reckon it’s because he doesn’t worship Mammon zealously enough or he doesn’t bomb enough kids with those hellspawn drones. Since they weren’t about to win an election based on popular votes to drive him out, they have decided to get proactive for the 2014 & 2016 elections and cheat like goat blowers. Their plan is have the state legislatures (which are largely GOP controlled) change the electoral college:

The strategy would have states alter the way they translate individual votes into electors — thereby giving Republican candidates an advantage. Had the 2012 election been apportioned in every state according to these new Republican plans, Romney would have led Obama by at least 11 electoral votes.

Wow. Mammon makes you impervious to shame, I see.

Finally, if you can spare a couple of bucks please throw a fiver toward a fundraiser to buy these orphaned children shoes.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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8 Responses to Good mental hygiene requires using truthpaste

  1. Sandy James says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out!! :D

  2. Dianne Wing says:

    Let me know if you find out about making those meme posters. Shared as usual. <3

  3. FGBVs for Stitch and her mama. I can only imagine the misery you feel for her.

  4. yesterday i lost it utterly and teared up because sp got a freaking paper cut so this blows my mind

  5. dancingcrow says:

    comment from my large child (regarding your headline): also mental floss

    So sorry to hear about Stitch’s diagnosis – I know the thing about watching my children struggle is my inability to FIX IT. Working towards self-understanding and management tools is useful but doesn’t Fucking Fix It.

  6. Fokker baby, get thee to the Son-Rise startup. It is not only awesome for the autism, it’ll do fucking wonders for the anxiety. Seriously. DO THIS. Make it happen. It is the single best thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ll eat my underwear if you don’t find it to be the same. NOT KIDDING. :)

  7. Robin says:

    {{{HUGS}}} I can’t stand not being able to Fix-It. Give yourself major points, though. ‘Cause you’re -doing- something to help your daughter instead of pretending there is nothing wrong. She’ll be able to cope and get through life better because of you.

  8. sheri says:

    Thank you for the shout out, darlin’!
    Poor Stitch and poor Stitch’s Momma- not being able to ‘fix it’ is the worst curse a parent or spouse can be dealt.

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