Stitch on the Mend

The dark angel of yurk flew over our house in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, smiting my darling Stitch and necessitating a change of bedding. Poor little Stitch was very, very unhappy about the puke-a-thon, and was dismayed that promethazine suppositories 1) went in her tiny hiney and 2) stung a little when they dissolved. Nevertheless, the butt bullets ceased her heaving and allowed her to sleep, so all’s well that “ends” well.

Most of Wednesday she wasn’t very nauseous, but it was enough that she felt crotchety and tired and needed much Mommy Cuddles. By dinner time she was ready to eat some plain noodles with a little olive oil. She insisted on sleeping with a bowl “just in case” she blew chunks, tho.  Extreme assurances that she was fine were needed before she could let herself sleep. Her “worries” are always worse when she is tired or ill.

My house looks like Sherman marched through it on his way to the sea, and today will be Mighty Day of Ultimate Clean because my parental units arrive tomorrow to adore the young’uns. Dishes must be done! Sheets must be changed!  Floors must be vacuumed!


Also in happy news, Ford is sending out big ass profit sharing checks to more than 45,000 United Auto Workers. This is hella good for the economy. It’s amazing how nice things are when unions are strong and corporations aren’t total asshats and the government worked the way it was supposed to

Actual Joy!

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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5 Responses to Stitch on the Mend

  1. Robin says:

    I did not need to read this while I was eating breakfast. Blerg. But, gee, have ‘oh, so much fun’ with the Mighty Day of Ultimate Clean.

  2. Poor Stitch. Glad she’s better. Have fun with the cleaning. Loud music usually helps me.

  3. good for stitch. i hate days of mighty cleanliness with a passion. my mil comes tomorrow to keep sp. i will speed around in a caffeinated haze wiping surfaces at 5am.

  4. Mrsmandymoo says:

    And people think unions are a symptom of communism? AUS is where you can see them at work.
    Victoria has a healthy nurse’s union- fought off the right wing state govt. Queensand- new right wing state govt (liberal party, in both cases) has them screaming for mercy. Nurses, I mean.
    Joy of joys I’ve just moved to Qld, and the new govt is sacking us all. A strong union would habe fought despite the court rulings… And I’m ashamed. I wish the Qld nurse’s union had the balls ( or ovaries) of the Australian Nurse’s union, based in Victoria. The ANF took us out on strike despite a federal court ruling, and WE WON! That’s ovaries.
    Hope stitch gets better and soon!

  5. Mrsmandymoo says:

    Australian Nurse’s federation is the full name of the second union. The other unions are affiliated, but don’t take the same hard line. Google that stuff, it makes amazing reading. The ANF basically changed nurse’s conditions for all of AUS.

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