Well that was no fun

I am back, and mostly recovered after my fight with the Tummy Bug From Hell. Since it had the same symptoms as the one endured by Spock and Stitch, I am assuming they gave it to me. This is what I get for kissing small children on the lips. Although come to think of it Spock also likes to shove her fingers in my mouth. Really, my trip to barfapalooza was kind of inevitable.

Yesterday, my poor Sweet Babou worked from home and was “Mommy” while I wallowed around in bed feeling sorry for myself. He did a great job. However, I did have to arise from my repose yester morn and stagger around (with a large bowl clutched in my hands in case of up-chuck) to help him figure out how to dress the girls and put a sufficient quantity of food in their lunchbox.  The dear man was in tears, he was so overwhelmed by the morning chaos. It was made worse by the whole Valentine’s Day phenomena, wherein the girls wanted their pretty VDay clothes and there were parties at school and Spock had to bring snack for her class. Furthermore, Lilo was having a meltdown because things were different and Daddy was blowing her schedule/routine and she could NOT find her “church shoes”. Stitch was anxious about my illness and kept asking me if I was SURE what I had wasn’t going to kill me. Spock was the only one not freaking out. Sweet Babou was ready to turn to heroin.

It reminded me that being the Mommy is indeed “work”, which a person needs to remember when they specialize in unpaid labor. Nor is my vocation unskilled. Mommy work is damn hard. This reaffirmation was a bright spot in an otherwise crappy day of regurgitation.

Later that evening, Sweet Babou apologized because the house was a mess and he hadn’t gotten any of the usual things done. I told him that I understood completely and reminded him that he has never, EVER asked ME why the house is a disaster when he gets home from work. Did he really think I would be other than grateful?? He also wondered why he was so tired when “It doesn’t look like I’ve done anything!” This is my tune and I knew how to dance to it. There was much petting of the husband and commiseration for his plight.

It is hard on everybody when Mommy gets sick.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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5 Responses to Well that was no fun

  1. Dianne Wing says:

    It’s a wonderful thing when husbands are ‘enlightened’ on the value of mom…<3
    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. I love that SB has faced the “i’m so exhausted but everything’s still a wreck” wall and become an honorary mommy which is much harder than being a daddy (which is also a terrific lot of work in its own right)

  3. Robin S. says:

    Yes, you have to value yourself. I always want to smack people when they start snarking about why I can’t do something for them. After all, I’m just a mom and don’t do anything. Grrr.

  4. Reminded me of when I was a kid and my Mom took ill. She would get so frustrated that she made three meals a day and all we did was rave about the scrambled eggs Dad cooked while she was sick.

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