OMG The Irony

I was going to blog today about how Spock gagged herself on her nightly multivitamin and barfed all over me as a special birthday treat for her Mommy, but I got completely distracted by political shenanigans.

The Tea Party (which has seen its public approval rating plunge drastically since 2012) has decided their “enemy” is not their far right hate rhetoric or the candidates they back who think that women have magic anti-rape-sperm vaginas. No sirree Bob! They have decided that their #1 enemy is now Karl Rove. Why? Because Rove, who I think is a malevolent pustule BTW, pointed out that the Teabaggers have harmed the GOP brand and has lost the GOP some once easy-to-get political seats in strongly red states.

Now, no one should delude themselves that Rove doesn’t want the same radically right wing agenda. He’d yank us back to 1888 if he could. It’s just that Rove is smart enough to know that if you actually spew your REAL agenda openly then people tend not to vote for you, even in conservative areas.  He wants “electable” Republicans who regurgitate the agreed upon “talking points” to run for office, because they would have a better chance of winning and then covertly try to achieve the same goals as a Teabagger.

However, the Tea Party is incensed by this idea! Doesn’t Rove see that they just need to be MORE conservative and then everyone will love them? Thus, they sent out a fundraising letter with Rove photoshopped into a Nazi uniform because everyone knows Nazis are bad and Karl Rove is a baddie, so QED he is totes a Nazi.

The idea of a radically far-right party accusing Rove of being the Nazi-like part of the equation both flabbergasts me and stuns me with its epic irony. What the Teabaggers have forgotten (or never learned) was that the Nazi party was a FAR RIGHT creation. It sprang “from the influence of the far-right racist Völkisch German nationalist movement and the anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture which fought against the communists in post-World War I Germany”.

If they want to show a nightmare totalitarian on the left, they really need to go Stalin. Stalin came to power via the Bolsheviks, which was a radical FAR LEFT group that morphed into the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and acted every bit as badly as the far right Nazis.

Extremism always consolidates power and sucks dog balls. Doesn’t matter which direction you are coming from, left or right; the dog balls are awaiting to be sucked.

The dumbass Teabaggers need to accuse liberals of being “communist” and “Stalin-like” because liberals lean left. Trust me, this will upset us because the vast majority of us aren’t communists and we hate people like Stalin. In fact, we’ll be pissed because Teabaggers are conflating socialism, which is an economic system with “a diverse range of philosophical views”, with communism, which is an authoritarian political ideology that incorporates the most radical socialist views. Inaccuracies get Liberal Nickers in an almighty twist, I promise. 

But no, the Teabaggers don’t want any of the history bunkum or “reality” to influence their propaganda, by gum.

The good news is that anyone ignorant enough to embrace the mix of the Laissez-faire capitalism with fascist political tactics  and religious fundamentalism spouted by the Teabaggers (although that economic system is a straight pipeline to oligarchy / plutocracy with a good sized dollop of theocracy) isn’t going to understand that calling Karl Rove a Nazi is a pot calling a kettle names.

Seems like the Teabaggers is doing more harm than good for the GOP. Maybe the Koch brothers and Big Tobacco should have thought of this possibility before they created the astroturf group in the first place? Or, like Frankenstein, did they not understand they had created a autonomous monster that could act to destroy its creator?

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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5 Responses to OMG The Irony

  1. Debbie Lykins says:


  2. I agree, excellent post.

    Of course, the problem is that you have all those big words in there, which are multisyllabic amd which represent IDEAS, which means the T-Party people will never be able to read or understand what you wrote. So you are stuck preaching to the choir once again (metaphorically speaking, smile).

    Hmmmmm…you know Tea Party = TP, TP = toilet paper — hey, and they’re both asswipes!

    Huh. Somebody up there is having fun at the Tea Party’s expense…

  3. Not a lot of thinking going on in that segment of the population, period. Mostly just posturing.

  4. Robin S. says:

    *shakes head* My son is studying AP World History and is getting into the World Wars. He just pulled up a documentary for study purposes on the TV which meant we all got to “do” history too. I said it before, humans are some of the stupidist (did I spell that right? looks weird) animals on planet earth. Will we EVER learn from history? It’s like being stuck in a hampster wheel.

  5. nothing like hideous injustice to draw your attention away from vitamin barf.

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