Someone Blew Out Their Pilot Light

Teabagger leaders are calling on “conservatives” to boycott Fox News because the station is a hotbed of lefty loonies. I could not make this shit up if I smoked crack, y’all.

Apparently the Teabaggers are disgruntled because, “Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the left,” and ““We need Fox to turn right … This is the way Hitler started taking over Germany, by managing and manipulating the news media.”

Some of the demands Teabaggers are insisting on are that Fox News become:

“the right-wing CBS News: to break stories, to break information, and to do what news organizations have always done with such stories: break politicians.” They have also demanded that the network feature ”at least one segment on Benghazi every night on two of its prime-time shows; that Fox similarly devote investigative resources to discovering the truth of Obama’s birth certificate; and that the network cease striving to be ‘fair and balanced.’”

I would be appalled but I am laughing to hard. Adding to the hubris of the Teabaggers is the fact they are seething about the FOX news lack of hard hitting journalism, “because conservatives are conservative because they are not stupid … We recognize, easily, loud noise which is low on substance. In other words, by whining loudly about Benghazi without the kind of hard-hitting investigative reporting that brought down Nixon over Watergate, what we are seeing from FOX IMO is smoke and mirrors; a trick, to fool us into dutifully genuflecting at their alter [sic] of their arrogant hosts who throw us crumbs with one hand while insulting us with the other.”

Golly, the lack of real journalism couldn’t be all smoke and mirrors because the entire right wing propaganda machine is propped up in horseshit, could it?

Fear not, brave Teabaggers. There isn’t any journalism in the so-called leftist mainstream media either.

Plus, FOX news is still a hella right wing radical GOP mouthpiece. Seriously. It’s just that the Powers That Be on the Right have figured out that letting their extremist views (AKA the Teabagger Platform) air in public makes the public throw up in their mouth and is the reason why Republicans are losing elections and especially the reason the Republican candidate lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.  So the Big Guns on the Right & FOX still want to dismantle government, increase income disparity, and cut taxes on billionaires at the expense of hungry children … they just want the Teabaggers to shut up about those goals in PUBLIC.

As my good friend Margie de Lorge-Bardwell said, “FuxNews. Enter through the rabbit hole; exit through the corn hole.”

Too bad Teabaggers don’t realize THEY are what exits through the corn hole.

About Betty Fokker

I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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