Ageism sucks.

The far right is discovering opening sexist attacks on women get them in trouble. Even when they have a chick say it for them, feminist bitches still don’t like sexism and refuse to ignore it just because the person saying it has a vagina. We are evil that way, with our quest for equality and shit. Thus, the far right is mixing the sexist remarks with ageism – hoping to disguise the level of asshat with some twatwaffle smoke and mirrors. 

The dipshit still having figured out that ageism springs from sexism too.

For example, when bloviated about the “speculation that Clinton might run for president in 2016, Washington Times‘ editor emeritus Wesley Pruden, began his September 24 column by noting that Clinton’s interview with New York magazine had revived speculation on her political plans” but quickly jumped the shark of reasonable political discourse and went after how OLD she it”:

Will she or won’t she? Not even her hairdresser, who is only called in occasionally, knows for sure. But the lady knows how to keep everyone guessing. Only her roots are showing.


But what do they actually know? Hillary would be 69 on Inauguration Day 2017, not particularly old for a man not out of sight of his prime, but a woman in public life is getting past her sell-by date at 69. John F. Kennedy, who never had to grow old, got it right when he famously remarked that “life is unfair.” A second failed race for president would not be much of a capstone for a distinguished career in politics, and life at the hearth with Bubba and the dogs would be more rewarding than indulging the parasites of another campaign.

According to Pruden, Hillary Clinton doesn’t even go to the hairdresser like a real girl, because her roots are showing. Her grey roots. Grey is only okay on DUDEs, who are not old at 69 the way wimminz are. Mitt Romney would also be 69, but he would make a fine president because HE doesn’t have a sell-by date. Only  gynoamericans have sell-by dates. You know, because they are objects and commodities and worth only what the patriarchy determines they are worth based on the appearance of their bodies. The patriarchy likes its women young, firm, and less able to detect bullshit they way older women can. Past that, you can’t leave them on the shelves anymore because no customer wants to buy wrinkly women.

Yeah, nothing insulting about women implied in Pruden’s statement at all.

This kind of patriarchal pressure is why beautiful older women, like Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak get plastic surgery to pull their faces so tight it gives them distorted mouths. People gasp and ask, “why would they do that to themselves?” You know, because there are so many roles out there for women in their 60s who look their age. Like Hollywood isn’t a ruthless patriarchy who thinks the “sell-by date” for women is 40.

Of course, the patriarchal horsecrap eventually flows out of “just” women and hits guys who are lower down the totem pole in terms of money and power. That’s why older men are now having trouble getting a job  (Although the loss of manufacturing jobs and the loss of a LIVING wage has more of the blame.) and are now advised to do things that make them look younger for job interviews. That is why older men are going under the knife in record numbers.  The “sell-by date” is creeping up on non-rich and non-powerful men, too.

The patriarchy sucks, y’all.

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I'm a stay-at-home feminist mom.
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  1. Robin says:

    Oh, hell, yes!

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