I’m Glad We Had This Time Together

Dearest Readers,

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things. Sadly, I don’t have time enough in the day to let Betty Fokker be the one to talk of cabbages and kings anymore. Betty Fokker will still be on Facebook, and you can still email me, but the blog has now gone to live with Jesus.

I’ve got a career and blog under my real name that needs my time and attention in a way that has cut into Fokker Time so severely that I believe this blog is now less than wholly worthy of the readers. Y’all deserve the full Fokker. If I can’t give you that, then better I bow out now than to accidently or carelessly lower the quality until you all eschew my writing in disgust.

My other blog will occasionally have the continuing adventures of Lilo, Stich, and Spock under different code names. I’ll also blog about current events. It is only the rant that will be gone; calm and academic civility is the style of the other blog. I’ll have to keep my rants short and pithy on Facebook if I really need to let ‘em fly. Frankly, I probably will need to let the rant out every so often, or my head will explode from all the WTF boiling within it.

I’m not stepping down as Pope of the Syncretic Church of Non-assahts, but honestly the Pope of the Catholic Church is doing such a good job bitching about inequality and beating people over the head with what Christ said about alleviating poverty, that I feel superfluous. Nonetheless, remember that I am symbolically smiting evildoers with my Pope Hat of Spikes whenever you see a news story about some twatwaffle putting Mammon ahead of decency.

In theory, all the Fokker blog posts except this farewell will be taken down. Thus, I will put all the non-political stuff into another book or two, so that anyone who misses my writing can buy them.

I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to create Betty Fokker, and giving her room in your hearts.

This whole goodbye thing is making me weepy.

With love and gratitude,

Betty Fokker

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